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Tube Testing

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Tube Testing

Get your hands on some vintage NOS tubes or transistors?


ATA offers tube and transistor testing:




  • Shorted Elements – To avoid damage to your equipment
  • Leakage – Direct reading of inter-element and cathode heater leakage in ohms on a 0 to 20 meg ohms scale. DC test voltage is always applied in correct polarity to eliminate emission effects from readings.
  • Merit – A dynamic conductance (combined plate conductance, mutual conductance, and emission) reading for triods, tetrodes and pentrodes. An emission reading for diodes and rectifiers.
  • Life – This is a test where the filament voltage is reduced by 10%, which gives an indication of the future performance of the tube. It helps you keep tabs on the tubes you are currently using and know in advance of when replacement time is near. Any tube that does not pass should be replaced soon.


Tubes without the benefit of adequate testing can damage your equipment or perform with unknown results.


In most cases, a vacuum tube that passes these tests will perform well.


Avoid unnecessary costly repairs and know how your tubes will perform before installing them by having your tubes tested and/or matched by ATA.

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