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Hours, Services & TAT

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Normal Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times:

  • Monday - Friday 6PM-9PM
  • Saturday and Sunday 10AM - 3PM
  • Other times available by appointment
  • Closed on holidays

** It's best to give me a quick call to let me know you're on your way so I don't go out to buy parts or on a service call **


  • Clean/replace scratchy or worn out controls, jacks, etc.
  • Replace tubes with NOS, EOM, or amp owner specified tubes. We can offer suggestions based on tone desired.
  • Speakers – ditto
  • Bias adjustment – I cannot stress enough the importance of having this properly set!
  • Adjustable fixed bias mod - For those amps without it, it will add much desired warmth (ex. Peavey 5150).
  • Gain boost mod - Single or multiple boosts to suit your gain preference.
  • Replace non-polarized power cords with a grounded, 3-prong one.
  • Transformer, resistor, and capacitor replacement (electrolytic & non-polarized)
  • Blackface that Silverface Fender!
  • Master Volume Mod
  • Re-place worn out or torn speaker grill cloth

Other Services Also Available (fees apply - please inquire beforehand):

  • Pick up & drop off service
  • Amp Rental 
  • Emergency "On Site" service 


  • For tube replacement and bias adjustment, 5-7 days.
  • For repair and modification work, usually 2-3 weeks. If it will be longer, you'll be notified.
  • RUSH service available (additional $50 fee).

Call Steve McKinley at 404-545-3581 or e-mail