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McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitars

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McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitars
The look and feel of played vintage guitars

Medium Relic Stratocaster

Light Relic Stratocaster

There's nothing like the look and feel of a well-played, aged “relic” guitar. For most, the price of a true vintage guitar is far beyond affordable and they are so valuable you're afraid to play them.


With a McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitar, you have the look of a vintage relic finish, the comfortable feel of a road worn guitar and you can enjoy playing it without worry.


What’s truly unique about McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitars is the focus on guitars with a Polyurethane finish as the relicing techniques and approach are very different than those for a nitrocellulose one, which can produce very good results but are much more expensive.


A focused commitment goes into the creation of each McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitar so each is one of kind.


Relic Finishes range from light to medium to heavy so you can chose the extent of relicing.


To purchase a McKinley Custom Aged Relic Guitar, please see the For Sale tab.


If you are interested in having your guitar reliced, please contact us beforehand for a personal consultation for “your” relic finish.

Call Steve McKinley at 404-545-3581 or e-mail