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Guitar & Amp Appraisal

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Guitar and Amplifier Appraisals
For personal, tax and insurance purposes

Appraisals from Atlanta Tube Amp
Your guitar and amplifier is more than just a piece of wood or metal -- it's an investment. A written appraisal from Atlanta Tube Amp protects your investment by establishing the value of your guitar or amp in the current market, which is valuable information for your banker, insurance agent and your peace of mind.

Please include the following information:

- Year, make and model.

- Serial number and any other numbers, including the area where these numbers are found.

- Any modifications/damage/repairs not visible in the photos.
- Any repairs that need to be done to the instrument.

- Pictures of the front, back and sides.

A written appraisal is sent to you. 

The appraisal cost is $20 per item. 

Call Steve McKinley at 404-545-3581 or e-mail