82. Marvin5 Evans (John D.4, Seth3, Seth Thomas2, Thomas Harold1) was born in Alabama 31 October 1906. Marvin died 13 September 1970 in Alabama, at 63 years of age.(329) His body was interred in Liberty Hill Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.(330)

He married Olea (Euma Olea) Willcutt in Windham Springs, Alabama, 10 October 1925. Olea was born in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama 20 August 1907.(331) She was the daughter of Wils (Joel Wilson) Willcutt and Trannie (Talitha Tranquilla) Utley. Olea died 19 May 1996 in Northport, Tuscaloosa Co., Al., at 88 years of age.(332) Her body was interred 21 May 1996.(333)

Marvin Evans and Olea (Euma Olea) Willcutt had the following children:

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