Our Ancestors

Most of the persons bearing any variation of the Willcutt name who have Alabama roots can trace their ancestry to Lewis Willcutt and his wife, Rachel Amoson/Amerson. Lewis and Rachel began their life together in Blount County, Alabama, where they were married on 26 December 1825 by John Avery, a Justice of the Peace. Amos Amoson consented for his daughter Rachel to marry. She was about 16, and Lewis was about 30. Lewis Willcut and Stewart Martin signed as bondsmen.

By 1830 Lewis and Rachel had moved to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Their oldest sons, William and Benjamin had been born. One of their closest neighbors was Amon Amoson, a young man. He may have been Rachel's brother.

The 1840 census found the family back in Blount County, with two more sons (James and Robert) and three daughters (Sarah, Phebe and Malissa).

By 1850, the family moved to Fayette County, Alabama. Lewis and Rachel's family had grown to ten children, one of whom, Lewis Wiley, was born in Mississippi. The Willcutts lived between the Young Amison family and the Robert Watson family. Young Amison may have been a brother of Rachel. Descendants of Robert Watson say that Robert's wife Phebe was a daughter of Amos Amoson, and that she named one of her sons "Amos" after her father. William, the oldest of Lewis and Rachel's children, married Nancy Hisaw sometime around 1845. In 1850 he was living near his parents with his young family. That year, the Willcutt family raised cotton, corn, sweet potatoes, and hogs. Lewis Willcutt was a customer at Thompson Berry's sawmill in 1850, according to the Fayette Broadcaster special edition Looking Back.

The last child of Lewis and Rachel Willcutt was born in 1853. The children of Lewis and Rachel Willcutt were William, Benjamin, James, Sarah, Phebe, Robert, Malissa, Elijah, Eliza, Wiley (Lewis Wiley), and Shepherd. According to family tradition, sometime after 1853 the family went to Arkansas or Mississippi to see a sick relative. By the time they arrived at the relative's home, the person had died. On the return trip, Lewis Willcutt died and was buried near the Mississippi River.

It is not known where Lewis and Rachel lived in 1860, nor if Lewis was still alive. When Robert Willcutt married in Tuscaloosa County in 1857 at about 19 year of age, his older brother James gave his consent, possibly because Lewis Willcutt was not available to do so.

The 1870 census lists Rachel in Fayette County with two of her teen-aged children, Eliza and Shepherd Willcutt. They lived in Township 16, Handy post office.

By 1880 Rachel was living in Tuscaloosa County with her daughter Eliza Willcutt, and Eliza's children Hester Ann, Ples and Joel Wilson Willcutt. Sometime after 1880, Rachel Willcutt died, and she was buried in Sandtown Cemetery on the Cheatham Road in Tuscaloosa County, about two miles from the Fayette County line. Rachel was the matriarch of a family of eleven children, ten of whom are known to have survived to adulthood.

1. William Willcutt, born about 1826 lived with his family in Tuscaloosa County in 1860. William purchased 120 acres of land from the government late in 1860. This land was located south of Windham Springs. William was counted in the 1866 state census in Tuscaloosa County, next door to his mother Rachel. Around 1870, William and his family are believed to have moved to the Crane Hill area in present-day Cullman County. William and Nancy Willcutt's known children: (1.) Andrew John married Jenetta P. Boone and Parthenia Beasly. John had sons who settled in Tishomingo County, Mississippi and Hardin County, Tennessee. (2.) George married Lurona Elizabeth Webber. (3.) Joel Amos married Lucretia [Maliby?] and Georgia Ann Speegle. (4) Susan J. was born about 1853. (5.) William Robert married Mary E. Chamblee. (6) Julius J. was born about 1859. Andrew John, Joel Amos, William Robert and Lurona Webber Willcutt are known to have lived in Cullman County. Joel Amos and William Robert are buried at Bates Cemetery near Crane Hill.

2. James Willcutt, born around 1829-1834, married Jane Williams before 1860. James served in Company K, 43rd Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. He entered land in 1860 in southern Walker County near the present-day community of Bethel and lived in the area for the rest of his life. James and Jane Willcutt's children: (1.) Mary Susan married Tom Patton and Abraham Kilgore. The Abraham Kilgore family moved to Texas about 1900. (2.) Nancy married Mathias Turner. Nancy Turner and some of her children moved to Oklahoma. (3.) Elizabeth "Babe" married George Wesley Kilgore. (4.) Eliza married Tom Simpson and John Earnest. Eliza Earnest is buried at Gibson Hill. (5.) Marion Willcutt married Dicie Patton. They are buried at Patton Hill. (6.) James W. married Mary Jane Earnest. (7.) John Willcutt married Ruthie Kilgore. John donated the land for Bethel Cemetery. (8.) Sarah Willcutt married John E. Kilgore. (9.) Henry married Susan Jane Kimbrell. They are buried at Gibson Hill. (10.) Wiley Willcutt was listed on the 1880 census as the same age as Henry. The father of these children, James Willcutt, died 10 February 1896. He, his wife Jane, and their children Elizabeth, James W., John, and Sarah are buried in Bethel Cemetery near Oakman.

3. Sarah/Sally Willcutt married Clement Anderton, a man with Blount County roots. In 1860, they were recorded on the Morgan Co. Alabama census (Ivy Bluff P. O.); in Lawrence County, Alabama in 1870; and in Fayette County, Tennessee in 1880. This family eventually settled near Atlanta, Cass County, Texas. Sarah and Clement Anderton's children: (1.) Rebecca C. married Robert Cox. (2.) Louise/Liza married a Nixon. (3.) Mary Ellen married Will Bowden. (4.) William Anderton.

4. Phebe Willcutt, born about 1836, married Alsey Johnson around 1856. They lived in Tuscaloosa County in 1860 and 1880. Alsey Johnson entered land in the northern part of Tuscaloosa County on what is now called Johnson Creek. Phebe and Alsey Johnson's known children were Samuel P., Gideon, William, twins Susie and Elijah, twins Rachel and Lewis, and James. Phebe died after 1880.

5. Robert Willcutt, born about 1838, married Margaret Jones on 27 June 1857 in Tuscaloosa County. He served in Company I, 32nd Alabama Infantry during the Civil War. Robert died in Mobile on 29 June 1862 and was buried in the Confederate Rest section of Mobile's Magnolia Cemetery. Robert and Margaret had two or three children: George, b. 1859, Joyce (1860-1913), and Rachel (about 1863-1916). George, but not Joyce, was listed on the 1860 census. Joyce Willcutt married Casper Clay Hocutt. Rachel Willcutt married Hugh D. Jones. Both Joyce Hocutt and Rachel Jones are buried in Tuscaloosa County's Piney Woods Baptist Church Cemetery, near their mother.

6. Malissa Willcutt (about 1840-24 August 1925) married James T. "Jim" Jones about 1868. In 1870, they lived near Rachel Willcutt in Fayette County. Boley Springs (Beat 13) was listed as their residence on the 1880 census. They are buried at Gibson Hill. Malissa and Jim Jones' children: (1.) James L. married Debbie Earnest. (2.) Mary Emeline married William Morris. (3.) Lee Jones. (4.) Rachel Ann Jones died at age 22 and is buried at Sandtown Cemetery. (5.) Shepherd D. Jones married Alma. They are buried at Gibson Hill. (6.) Rhoda Jones married William Larkin Kilgore. (7.) Joycie Jones died as an infant and is buried at Sandtown Cemetery.

7. Elijah Willcutt (9 May 1843-2 May 1917) married Amanda "Mandy" Williams in Tuscaloosa County on 26 February 1871. Although Mandy was of age, her mother Elizabeth Williams sent a note stating that she was willing for Mandy to marry. Elijah and Mandy's children: (1.) Mary died as an infant and is buried at Sandtown Cemetery. (2.) Martha married Alfred G. Upton. (3.) Sallie married Tom Wallace. She is buried at Union Grove Cemetery in Fayette County. (4.) Mary Susa married John Wallace. (5.) John Marion married Mary Handley. (6.) Caledonia married Daniel Newton Harris. (7.) William Riley (Rile) married Dollie Tubbs and Afra Savage. Riley and Afra are buried at Lonoke Church of Christ at Steens, Mississippi. (8.) Benjamin F. married Nannie M. Harris. They are buried at Salem Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Fayette County. (9.) C.C. (Clem) married Cora Simmons. They are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Birmingham. (10.) Andy D. married sisters, Nancy Poe and Fannie Poe. (11.) Mary Jane married Wesley G. Smith. They are buried at Salem Church of the Nazarene in Fayette County. (12.) Oscar married Ruthie Underwood. They are buried at Boldo Cemetery. Parents of these children, Elijah and Mandy, and their children Martha, Mary Susa, John Marion, Caldonia, and Andy are buried at Gibson Hill.

8. Eliza Willcutt, born 1845, lived much of her adult life in northern Tuscaloosa County. She had three children. (1.) Hester Ann married Robert L. Harris. (2.) Pleasant (Ples) married Nora Cox. (3.) Joel Wilson (Wils) married Trannie Utley. Eliza Willcutt died March 1919. She, her children and their spouses are buried at Evanstown (Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church) in north Tuscaloosa County.

9. Lewis Wiley Willcutt (March 1848-January 1918) married Hulda Williams on 21 September 1870 in Tuscaloosa County. The ceremony was performed by John Gurganus. Wiley and Hulda are buried at Gibson Hill. Their children: (1.) Robert William married Susan Courington. They are buried at Beda Cemetery in Covington County, Alabama. (2.) Shepherd Richard (S.R.) married Mollie [Hammler?], Fannie Fields, and Katie Gurganus. S.R. and Katie are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Walker County. (3.) Margaret A., born about 1885.

10. Shepherd Willcutt (9 July 1853-19 November 1938) married Sarah Ann Issacks on 11 December 1879 in Tuscaloosa County. Sarah Ann was the daughter of Young Issacks. Shep and his wife are buried at Sandtown Cemetery. Their children: (1.) Andrew married Elizabeth "Bettie" Davis. Both are buried at Union Grove. (2.) Perry is buried at Sandtown. (3.) Carrie married William A. Upton. They are buried at Union Grove. (4.) Tether married Mary Frances Willcutt. Both are buried at Sandtown. (5.) Della married George Raynes, and in her later years, Edgar Broughton. Della and George Raynes are buried at Boley Cemetery in Fayette County.