Unmarried, (i114), b.-d.


Uptain, Alfred (i350), b.1865-d.1947
Uptain, Arline (i3544), b.-d.
Uptain, Arthur (i494), b.1898-d.
Uptain, Benson (i1147), b.1895-d.
Uptain, Billy Joe (i3534), b.-d.
Uptain, Bryce (i3533), b.-d.
Uptain, Christine (i3532), b.-d.
Uptain, Delia (i496), b.1904-d.
Uptain, Dorothy "Sweetie" (i3547), b.-d.
Uptain, Dovie (i495), b.1902-d.
Uptain, Earnest (i3528), b.-d.
Uptain, Ella J. (i493), b.1896-d.
Uptain, Estell (i3541), b.1900-d.1983
Uptain, Eveline (i3546), b.-d.
Uptain, George (i491), b.1892-d.
Uptain, Harry (Irving) (i3530), b.-d.
Uptain, Henry (i1141), b.1886-d.
Uptain, Howell M. (i3501), b.-d.
Uptain, Huel (i3545), b.-d.
Uptain, James Howard (i3549), b.-d.
Uptain, Jim Wiley (i3526), b.-d.
Uptain, Leon "Dood" (i3531), b.-d.
Uptain, Luther (i3494), b.-d.1995
Uptain, Marion (i1143), b.1889-d.
Uptain, Mary (i3527), b.-d.
Uptain, Mary E. (i492), b.1894-d.
Uptain, Melba J. (i3496), b.-d.
Uptain, Melvin (i3548), b.-d.
Uptain, Minnie (i1144), b.1906-d.1987
Uptain, Moses (i497), b.1908-d.
Uptain, Nathaniel (i1145), b.1910-d.1980
Uptain, Noah Jimmy Lee (i3529), b.-d.
Uptain, Pearl (i3543), b.-d.
Uptain, Ricky Uptain (i3502), b.-d.
Uptain, Roger Dale (i3550), b.-d.
Uptain, Timothy (i1146), b.1912-d.
Uptain, William (i1142), b.1887-d.
Uptain, William "Hood" (i3542), b.-d.
Uptain, Willie Francis (i3493), b.1888-d.1973


Upton, Angel (i1377), b.-d.
Upton, Calvin (i1339), b.-d.
Upton, Clarence (i1149), b.1912-d.1992
Upton, Curtis (i1151), b.-d.
Upton, Dennis (i1375), b.-d.
Upton, Dorothy (i1336), b.-d.
Upton, Dottie G. (i1152), b.1922-d.1989
Upton, Gail (i1338), b.-d.
Upton, Garline (i1370), b.-d.
Upton, Johnny (i1340), b.-d.
Upton, Juanita (i1372), b.-d.
Upton, Kenny (i1376), b.-d.
Upton, Lonnie (i1150), b.1916-d.
Upton, Ottie Garline (i1175), b.1922-d.1976
Upton, Paul (i1371), b.-d.
Upton, Sidney (i1369), b.-d.
Upton, William A. (i1148), b.1888-d.1966
Upton, William Nathaniel "Bo" (i1373), b.1942-d.1982
Upton, Yvonne (i1337), b.-d.


Utley, Ada (i339), b.1873-d.1894
Utley, Agnes (i1050), b.1914-d.
Utley, Alma Nellie (i1192), b.1911-d.
Utley, Alvin (i438), b.-d.
Utley, Alvin (David Alvin) (i370), b.1879-d.1964
Utley, Amanda (i333), b.1858-d.1880
Utley, Andrew Jackson (i395), b.1885-d.1953
Utley, Anna Bell (i1548), b.1913-d.1917
Utley, Arizona (i403), b.1893-d.1980
Utley, Asa Lee (i483), b.1908-d.1976
Utley, Bama (i2058), b.-d.
Utley, Barney (i952), b.-d.
Utley, Birdie (i932), b.1903-d.
Utley, Bobbie (i1023), b.-d.
Utley, Buster (i933), b.1907-d.
Utley, Cecil (i508), b.1907-d.
Utley, Charity Tuppie Toni Averilla (i342), b.1876-d.1965
Utley, Charles (i1035), b.1916-d.
Utley, Charles (i1312), b.-d.
Utley, Charles D. (i404), b.1885-d.
Utley, Chester (i477), b.1908-d.
Utley, Christine (i1052), b.1919-d.
Utley, Clifton (i1547), b.1910-d.1915
Utley, Clyde (i476), b.1908-d.
Utley, Cordelia (i372), b.1886-d.
Utley, Curtis (i618), b.1908-d.1954
Utley, Dale (i1316), b.-d.
Utley, David A. (i355), b.1853-d.1894
Utley, David Jonathan (i331), b.1828-d.1901
Utley, David M. (i397), b.1889-d.
Utley, Dixie (i411), b.1890-d.
Utley, Ebelene (i656), b.1907-d.1984
Utley, Edgar M. (i398), b.1891-d.
Utley, Elsie (i1195), b.1916-d.
Utley, Ethel A. (i446), b.1894-d.
Utley, Evie Mae (i502), b.1905-d.
Utley, Frances V. (i406), b.1875-d.
Utley, Gary (i1314), b.-d.
Utley, George Washington (i343), b.1877-d.1972
Utley, Gertrude (i931), b.1901-d.
Utley, Grover Cleveland (i345), b.1884-d.1952
Utley, Hattie Mertle (i968), b.1911-d.
Utley, Herman (i1018), b.1916-d.
Utley, Homer (i1193), b.1913-d.
Utley, Howard (i1049), b.1911-d.
Utley, Ida Norene (i450), b.1912-d.
Utley, Inf. Daughter (i396), b.-d.
Utley, Isham (i1746), b.-d.
Utley, Janice (i1194), b.1915-d.
Utley, Joel (i353), b.1820-d.1887
Utley, Joel Monroe (i334), b.1860-d.1941
Utley, John D. (i336), b.1865-d.
Utley, John M. (i934), b.1909-d.
Utley, Lela F. (i362), b.1871-d.
Utley, Lella Eugenia (i499), b.1900-d.
Utley, Lethel F. (i509), b.1909-d.1974
Utley, Lona (i410), b.1888-d.
Utley, Lonie (i344), b.1882-d.1926
Utley, Lonnie Alonza (i363), b.1873-d.
Utley, Louise (i1026), b.1916-d.
Utley, Loyal (i405), b.1900-d.1975
Utley, Lula (i359), b.1865-d.
Utley, Lula (Luellen or Elizabeth L.) (i341), b.1874-d.1906
Utley, Lula Virginia (i413), b.1882-d.1882
Utley, Luther (i412), b.1893-d.
Utley, Maggie L. (i400), b.1897-d.
Utley, Mariah Caroline (i340), b.1872-d.1956
Utley, Mary Callie (i441), b.1884-d.
Utley, Mary Jane (i356), b.1856-d.
Utley, Mary Rosella (i581), b.1903-d.1903
Utley, Minnie B. (i399), b.1894-d.
Utley, Mollie (Mary A.) (i337), b.1866-d.1954
Utley, Mona (i1022), b.1915-d.
Utley, Myrla (i500), b.1907-d.
Utley, Nellie Cora (i414), b.1886-d.1887
Utley, Newsome (i1021), b.1906-d.
Utley, Nollie (Norris M.) (i371), b.1881-d.1980
Utley, Ola May (i402), b.1889-d.
Utley, Queen E. (i443), b.1887-d.
Utley, Rebecca A. (i444), b.1889-d.
Utley, Reginald (i1027), b.1917-d.
Utley, Richard (i1024), b.1884-d.
Utley, Robert (i409), b.1883-d.
Utley, Robert Lee (i358), b.1863-d.
Utley, Robert Lee (i1311), b.1929-d.1989
Utley, Sarah Francis (Fannie) (i338), b.1868-d.1906
Utley, Sidney F. (i1196), b.1919-d.
Utley, Sidney Samuel (i357), b.1855-d.1892
Utley, Sybel (i1549), b.1914-d.1916
Utley, Thelma (i475), b.1905-d.
Utley, Theron (i482), b.1906-d.
Utley, Thomas (i360), b.1869-d.
Utley, Thomas D. (i373), b.1890-d.1959
Utley, Tillman R. (i447), b.1897-d.
Utley, Trannie (Talitha Tranquilla) (i190), b.1880-d.1965
Utley, Ulmer (i503), b.1907-d.
Utley, Vauder (i407), b.1879-d.1898
Utley, Vena (i655), b.1902-d.1931
Utley, Victor Miriam (i451), b.1918-d.
Utley, Vignon K. (i969), b.1912-d.
Utley, Viola (i408), b.1879-d.
Utley, Viva Dean (i1051), b.1916-d.
Utley, Walter (i361), b.1868-d.
Utley, Walter C. (i474), b.1902-d.1904
Utley, Walter Roe (i418), b.1877-d.1956
Utley, Wayne (i1315), b.-d.
Utley, William (i1036), b.1888-d.
Utley, William (i1744), b.-d.
Utley, William H. (i401), b.1887-d.
Utley, Willie (William D.) (i335), b.1863-d.1956
Utley, Willie Lee (i1028), b.1918-d.
Utley, Willie W. (i440), b.1881-d.1959
Utley, Winnie E. (i364), b.1876-d.
Utley, Zeb G. (i442), b.1886-d.

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