A German single manual with a full disposition of 2x8', 1x4', and buffstop, and a range of BB to c''' at a=415 and 440 (bass short octave tuning of GG/BB is optional.) During the summer of 1999 I am giving this instrument a petit ravelement to make it a double manual. The rest of its disposition will remain the same.

The harpsichord I currently offer for rent is based on an unaltered single manual antique made in 1716 by Carl Conrad Fleischer, a son of the renowned Hamburg family of organ and clavichord makers. This beautiful antique is still in fine playing condition in a Hamburg museum. As with the original, my harpsichord has an outstanding solo voice that also works beautifully with string ensembles and orchestras (it is used regularly by the Handel and Haydn Society.) It has a sound that records particularly well, and has been used for many current CDs and on Public Television. Beyond its musical value, it is also graceful and pleasing to look at, with a dark forest green case and vermilion interior.

Rental Rates: The harpsichord is provided in tune from my shop at a cost of $195.00 per event in one location. For multiple performances or rehearsals in different locations, this rate may be adjusted by 25%. Long term rental must include regular tunings and maintenance.

Moving: Arrangements may be made with me or with local mover Martin Jarman. My rates are $60.00 each way inside the route 128 area. Outside 128 there is a mileage charge of $1.00 per mile based on the distance from my shop to the destination. Out of state locations such as New York have a flat rate.

Tuning: For ordinary tuning services the rate is $75.00 a time. For concerts where tuning in advance and intermission touch up are needed, the rate is $75.00 for the first hour and $30.00 for each hour in attendance. The same mileage rate mentioned above also applies.

Please contact me about rental, or about any other questions you may have.