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Season Six is in the books, and even if you don't believe in book burning, you're probably in favor of tossing this particular book into a bonfire. Unless you're rolling around in a big pile of money like 40 Acres, the 2002 BUFFBowl champion. (If you haven't seen it, go rent "Indecent Proposal." Watch the scene where Demi Moore rolls around naked in the big pile of money. Now, picture 40 Acres in Demi's place. Now go throw up.) 40 Acres wound up defeating Becky's Titans by a combined score of 113-63, which kept two BUFF traditions alive and well: the regular season champion has never won the BUFFBowl, and the BUFFBowl has never been close.

  40 Acres took a 59-39 lead into the second weekend, and quickly increased the lead. After the two Saturday games 40 Acres had added eight points to their lead, and the Titans were down to five remaining starters. One of those was Ricky Williams, and though he tried to win the game for the Titans almost single-handedly, he couldn't even outscore Jay Feely. Meanwhile, 40 Acres got a nine-point TD from each starting WR. In the end, the minimum 40 Acres could have scored this week was 36, while the Titan's maximum was 38, meaning that 40 Acres couldn't have lost. In actuality, 40 Acres outscored the Titans 54-24 this week, and 113-63 overall.

  So if we had a trophy and if it was engraved, it would now look like this:

BUFFBOWL VI:                   40 Acres 113, Becky's Titans 63

BUFFBOWL V:                     Dino 97, Techno-Geeks 68

BUFFBOWL IV:                   Baile Bros 48, Flanderses' 17

BUFFBOWL III:                    Flanderses' 47, Baile Bros 13

BUFFBOWL II:                     Dino defeated The 60-Minute Men

BUFFBOWL I:                      Silver Sows defeated Koz and Big Daddy

  And let's not forget another BUFF tradition: The LoserBowl. Once again, the 60-Minute Men found themselves playing in this end-of-the-season classic, and once again they won it, this time by the score of 63-55 over DolFan. So for the second year in a row, 60MM have managed to avoid finishing in last place by winning their final game. That's something to be proud of… I guess.

  So that's it for this year; we can ignore this foolishness and start concentrating on important things, like the Capital One Bowl, fantasy hockey, and the best ways to embarrass Pat in his dwindling days of bachelorhood. The new and improved BUFF will return next year, after undergoing some revamping this off-season by the first-ever BUFF Competition Committee. It is a tremendous honor to be named to the Competition Committee, so please keep that in mind when I inform those of who you are on it that you are on it.



The season is over! Go home!!




A continuing saga that now, thankfully, is over.  Anyone up for another round of BUFF Survivor?

None of those hands belongs to the Flanderses'.



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