Nuclear medical imaging techniques (such as PET and SPECT) using whole body cameras show great potential for breast cancer imaging, as they can image tumors with contrast greatly exceeding that of conventional x-ray mammography. This has spurred development of smaller cameras that image only the breast or axillary (armpit region) lymph nodes, as these cameras promise higher efficiency, higher resolution, and lower cost than whole body cameras. After motivating the need for such instruments and providing some background on nuclear medical imaging, I will describe our group's efforts in this area. One design is based upon a PET detector module in which a number of LSO scintillator crystals are read out using a photomultiplier tube, a silicon photodiode array, and a custom integrated circuit. Another design for imaging single gamma emitting tracers is based on an array of CsI:Tl scintillator crystals read out with a back-side illuminated photodiode array and a custom integrated circuit.
Bill Moses is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Center for Functional Imaging at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His main research interest is the development of instrumentation for Nuclear Medical Imaging, primarily for positron emission tomography (PET). This includes development of: (1) new dense inorganic scintillators for gamma ray detection, (2) novel photodiode array designs for measuring scintillation light, (3) custom integrated circuits containing arrays of low noise charge sensitive amplifiers, (4) new detector designs and scanner geometries incorporating the above elements, and (5) tomographic reconstruction algorithms incorporating the additional information available from these and other novel detector designs.

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