Horner Percussion Ensemble Calendar 2016-2017

Rehearsals are Fridays 2:30 - 5:30/6:30 pm

The following are the local shows for CCGC (California Colorguard Circuit), the circuit we will be competing in this year. Times are all TBA. The show order is not determined until a week before. When more information is available for a particular show, the calendar will include an appropriate link.


Visit the CCGC home page

Ida Price Middle School, San Jose Friday, December 16, 7 pm
Logan High, Union City Saturday, January 28
Independance, San Jose Saturday, February 11
Christopher High, Gilroy Saturday, February 25 (cancelled)
Oak Grove High, San Jose Saturday, March 4
Lynbrook High, San Jose Saturday, March 11
Open House Wed, March 15
Fremont High, Sunnyvale Saturday, March 25
CCGC Circuit Championships, Oak Grove High School Sunday, April 2

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