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Pictures: MGNOC 2000 National Rally Site, Glen Maury Park

2000regispavillion 1.jpg (26892 bytes) The Registration Pavilion will be to your left as you come in the main gate. There are showers in the rear of this building.
2000tenniscourt 1.jpg (18635 bytes) The Tennis courts are directly across the road from the registration pavilion.
2000volleyballcourt 1.jpg (17506 bytes) Skating rink and volleyball court are also across from the registration pavilion
2000campingand vendor area 1.jpg (14795 bytes) The camping field is very large and very grassy. Vendors will be positioned across the road to the left.
2000mainpavillion 1.jpg (17260 bytes) The large pavilion will house major activities such as meals and the award ceremony.
2000mainpavillionclose 1.jpg (29850 bytes) View inside the large pavilion.
2000mainpaivillionstage 1.jpg (19297 bytes) Stage inside the large pavilion.

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