Route from Chapel Hill, N.C. to New Cumberland, W.Va.underline.jpg (783 bytes)

  1. Hwy 86 N. to 62 N.
  2. Follow signs for NC 62 N.  until you reach Hwy 58.
  3. Continue straight across HWY 58 onto SR 726.
  4. Follow SR 726 for 13 miles until you intersect HWY 29. 
  5. Follow 29 N. through Lynchburg to Hwy 60 W.
  6. Follow Hwy 60 (now we're heading into the curves) through Buena Vista to I-81 N.
  7. First exit off I-81 to I-64 west (left exit).
  8. First exit off I-64 to Hwy 11.
  9. Immediate left after getting on Hwy 11 onto Hwy 39.  Map of Interchange
  10. Follow 39 along the Maury River - beautiful curvy road to Hwy 219 N. to Elkins. This is where we stay the night. Other good roads from Virginia into W.VA are: Hwy 250 (we have often found the roads under construction or crowded with commercial traffic, but this is a beautiful road under the right conditions); Hwy 33.
  11. From Elkins follow 250 all the way to Moundsville on the Ohio. It gets really nice once you get past Fairmont - rolling ridge roads.
  12. In Moundsville find Hwy 2 S. and follow signs to bridge to cross the Ohio river and pick up Hwy 7 N.  Map of Moundsville
  13. Follow Hwy 7 N. to Hwy 22 East and cross the Ohio back into W.Va.
  14. Follow Hwy 2 N. to New Cumberland.  You are there!