Bub's Bad Dog Exhaust

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Here is a picture of Bub's Bad Dog Exhaust system on the Centauro set up by Westmoreland's and displayed at the Guzzi National in New Cumberland. 

I put these pipes on my V10 Centauro. They installed easily (Barbara did it all on her own with some muscle assistance from Mark to remove the stock exhaust). Probably dropped 10 - 15 lbs. off the bike. Greatly improved low end and mid-range power - it really changed the whole character of the bike. No chip change necessary. However they are quite loud - I really wish they weren't quite so loud...

Here are a couple pictures of the pipes in chrome on my bike (click for enlargement). 

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I included the one below, taken during a CLASS course at Road Atlanta, to demonstrate one shortcoming of the Bad Dog system - ground clearance. At this time I didn't have enough preload in the rear shock and did scrape the right side exhaust on the pavement. I have since added more preload and haven't scraped again (but I haven't been on a track since then either).

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