Directions to Big Country Rally, New Cumberland W.Va.

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New cumberland overview.jpg (86848 bytes) Get out your West Virginia map and find Weirton on the Ohio River in the north eastern pan-handle.  New Cumberland is about 8 miles North of Weirton. 
If approaching from the South and you want to make time, cross the Ohio River to Ohio and follow  Hwy 7 North along the river to the bridge for Hwy 22 West at Weirton.  Although a 4-lane slab it follows the river and has its scenic moments.   Hwy 2 on the W.Va. side is very slow and goes through lots of towns.  We went that way once when it was really hot and did not enjoy it.

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Follow Hwy 2 into New Cumberland and look for the signs.  The rally site is at the volunteer fire department building and pavilion.
Click here to view our usual route from N.C
If you're lucky during your trip you might come across a group of touring LeMans like this one.  They have to stop frequently being in that middle-age part of life.  But don't let the gray hair deceive you, these guys fly.  They've been known to pass swarms of angry other brand bikes ridden by kids in half age.

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West Virginia DOT Driving Center (link)

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