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1998 Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio Around the Camp Ground

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We camped at the track and other than the showers being at least a mile away and no running water in the camp ground (see site map), accommodations were quite adequate. To the delight of the street riders, a fresh load of rock had been spread on the roads in the camp ground.  It was entertaining to watch people react to the unsuspected challenge of freshly placed fist-size and smaller rocks.

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Here is Mark preparing dinner at our campsite.  We cooked two meals on a disposable grill that Mark purchased in one of his provision runs to the local grocery store. We fed 5 people Saturday night - chicken, corn on the cob, squash and onions all from this little 12x10 grill - Mark is a master.

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Visitors to the camp site included Tip Paul from Pennsylvania and his lovely Moto Guzzi CX100. Tip was the track Guzzi Greeter and guided us to the Guzzi corner at the track.

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Saturday afternoon, Bart drove up, turned off the T-3 and asked if we would listen to the engine and diagnose this funny noise. When he tried to start it back up it wouldn't fire. Our new best friend and neighbor Tony (new to Moto Guzzis with a Lemans IV) spent the next two hours working with Bart and a copy of Guzziology to completely test the electrical system.  Turned out to be a bad diode board and alternator. Bart purchased the needed parts from BMW Gator at the Swap Meet. Mark fed them both after darkness and still no running bike ended their plans to ride out for dinner.