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1998 AMA Vintage Days Mark's Review

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So we’re off to Ohio for the AMA Vintage Days. I had heard from several different sources that this is where it’s at as far as vintage and etc. motorcycles are concerned. Far more concentrated than Daytona bike week, the AMA Vintage Days are held at the Mid-Ohio Race Track. Every event except the flat track racing was held at the raceway. Any motorcycle that you’ve ever heard of or seen in the past 35-40 years will be there in one form or another, either pristine restored or drug-out-of-the-weeds-rusty but running.

The swap meet area is a show on its own merit. Bring a pit bike or you will walk your legs down to nubs. If you get tired of watching the tank-shifting road racers then you can watch the Trials competition or take in the vintage enduro racing or check out the featured honored brand. This year the featured brand was Vincent and what a display that was. Just too much to do and see.

We hoteled our first night cause they would not let us on to the camping areas of the track. Friday morning we de-hoteled and rolled into the camp ground, found a suitable spot and raised our Italian flag and set up camp. Some Guzzi folks came by and set up next to us and the next thing you know it was like being with old friends. Orders were taken and runs to the store in town were made. The showers were on the other side of the track and so was the water but we had outhouses close by so we weren’t inconvenienced.

The main campground filled up as Friday passed and by sunset was just about full. We were experiencing perfect weather, our main concern was sun burn – very few bugs. Over all the camping area was fairly quiet... No loud exhaust like you have at Daytona. Also they don’t want you to build fires on the ground so you must have a wheel or barrel of some sort to express your pyromania in. We found a gas tank that had been cut in half for this purpose so we used it. For cooking we used one of those disposable grills that can be used more than once if you have wood or charcoal. Tried not eat track food except for lunch.

Our neighbors joined us for dinner Saturday night which was corn on the cob, chicken, green peppers and onions all cooked on the grill. What a feast. More perfect weather on Sunday. Our friend Snuffy Smith was racing a Norton Manx so we hung out until the last race and then packed up and headed to a hotel for a shower and a night’s sleep on a mattress.

We’ll be back, you betcha.