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1998 AMA Vintage Days Featured Marque - Vincent

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Vincent was the featured marque at this year's Vintage Days. The National Vincent rally was held at the track and many beautiful bikes were ridden long distances to attend. The owner of the bike pictured to the right said it was one of the few truly vintage bikes that could maintain highway speeds. He road this bike 800+ miles to attend.

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There was quite an exhibit set up. Here is a sampling of what was on display:

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The famous "bathing suit" bike (a Black Shadow)  with which Rollie Free broke the American class A speed record on September 12, 1948.  He was clad only in helmet, swim trunks and tennis shoes, lying flat out on the bike.

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There were many different model Vincent's on display but this red one caught my eye.

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A work of art? Vincent engine on display.

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So, know anyone with a Vincent lawn mower? How about a Vincent jet ski? Yes, the jet ski actually turned out to cause the final demise of Vincent. The contractor substituted a lower grade of material than specified for the bottom of the craft and the engine melted through - causing a drowning or two.
While we're on the subject of Vincent motorcycles, here is a photo of our friend, Gabrielle Pastore as she kick starts her Vincent. That's Brad holding it steady. They are still working on restoring this beauty. It has a place of honor in the dining room. Wish they could have been at Mid-Ohio...

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