1998 Moto Guzzi National Rally Pictures

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Mostly people we know with their bikes.  Personally, the bikes are much more appealing to me (Barbara) when associated with their rider.

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My parade pictures didn't turn out but here is this year's cheering crowd.   From left to right: Kim Davis, Fred Sahms, Gabrielle Pastore, Brad Ingebritson, Alice Sexton, Bill Voltaggio.

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Ed Potoff and his 1100 Sport that used to be yellow but is now breathtakingly red.  The paint has such depth you almost want to dive right in.  

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Pete and Nancy McNulty with their California EV.

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Nick Mangone and his very special SP (rumored to have been photographed by Nolan Woodbury)

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Alice Sexton and the LeMans I she picked up in Houston Texas and drove straight to New Cumberland - a mere 2300 miles.  Great to see her back on a LeMans - just suits her don't you think?

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Peter Youngblood with his California as night closes in.

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Dave Dilworth, the man who can pack the most camping stuff in the least amount of space, with his LeMans IV

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Amy and Chuck Mooney with their V65 and stripped down 1100 Sport.

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Phil Tunbridge, MGNOC Ontario Rep, and his 850-T.  Nice color scheme, a?

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Mike Lamartina and his highly customized LeMans III, also photographed by Nolan Woodbury.  We first met Mike at the '91 New York rally and thought he was awful fussy using Lemon Pledge to clean the dust off his bike.  A few years later he awarded Mark with a specially labeled can of LeMans Pledge.

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Pete Serrino and his beautifully maintained LeMans I.  One of our favorite bikes and people to see at New Cumberland.

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Kim Davis (Ducati 750SS) and Fred Sahms (SP 1000).  The morning after, packed up and ready to head back to Tennessee.

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Gabrielle Pastore (Triumph 595) and Brad Ingebritson (1100 Sporti) the morning after, packed and ready to head back to Massachusetts.  Look for them on the track at Loudon - they are both racing regularly there.

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