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The parade is always led by the volunteer fire department's bright red fire engine, occasionally sounding the siren of course.

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Buck Bush, rally host, usually follows the fire engine.  This year he hitched a ride with Sheryl from Canada.  Behind him is Mike Tiberio on his special Convert (right) and Mark Tenney riding side saddle on a BMW K bike (left).  Volunteer Fire Dept.  in background.

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Here is the Whitehead clan (Pennsylvania) with Betty at the lead on her V65, her sister to the left.

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Kathy and Dave Blake from Ohio on their decked out California.  Dave's father behind them on his BMW.

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Ron and Alice Komoroski (Virginia Reps) on his beautifully restored Eldorado. 

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Harvey Johnson from N.C. on his red Mille makes a fashion statement with his red, green and white hat.  If a goofy rally hat award was given, Harvey would have won it.

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Shelby Kinnard with Buck's daughter, MaryAnn on board.   Riding a California the year this photo was taken.   You never know what he'll show up on since he's the technical specialist for Moto America.

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Snuffy Smith, MaryAnn's parade escort in 1997.

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The cheering crowds.  Barbara Fine (left) and Alice Sexton (right)

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Don Ivey (N.C.) riding Mark's new yellow 1100 Sporti while Mark (as a passenger) takes pictures from the back of another bike.

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Mark Tenney riding side-saddle (several years ago).  He must have been embarrassed to be on a BMW and had to compensate somehow.

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Barbara Nowell on her LeMans III.
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