Pine Tavern Lodge, Floyd Va.

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larger crop inn.jpg (19940 bytes) The Pine Tavern Lodge is located on Route 221 in Floyd Va. 
Quaint two room efficiencies with solid pine wood floors, real furniture, books in the book cases but too soft beds, welcome you at this very hospitable Inn.
There is a wonderful restaurant (reviewed as one of the best in Va.) right next door to the Inn.  pine tav rest crop.jpg (14861 bytes)
Indulge in fine eating and fine wine and stumble back to your room, no need to mount the bike again once you've landed.  But you'll want to the next day.  Lots of great roads to west and east and of couse, the Blue Ridge Parkway...


Pine Taven Restaurant and Lodge
Contact: Lodge: 540-745-4428
Restaurant: 540-745-4482

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