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Alice Sexton,  LeMans I

"The happy family. Argus, the newest edition is sitting on the bike, Xena -the lights are on but no one's home, left, and my old pal Angie."

Described as: "Feminist, Ecologist, Artist, Ex-Punk Rock Skateboard New Yorker, Ex weight lifter and 10 K Runner, Corporate Executive Geek, Landscape Designer, Gourmet Cook, Owner of 3 Mutts a '76 Guzzi Lemans, an '87 Cagiva Allazzurra, 2 Honda 400-4s (I ask myself why?); EX 500 Race Bike (CCS # 401), Too small to reach over the tank of the CBRs and ZXs. Boo Hoo."


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Susann, 1000SP

"My name is Susann and I’m from Berlin/Germany. Since February/98 I live in the US (Detroit/MI), because my boy friend is working here for a certain time.

In Germany I rode for two years a GS 500E and I did 20.000 miles by traveling trough Europe (Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy). Funny as it is, I came to Guzzi in the US, because I looked for a motorcycle, which is worth to take back home. I finally found my Guzzi SP1000 and I’m so happy with it. It is good for long distance traveling and still makes fun on small curvy backroads. For such a big bike, I feel very comfortable on it, because I can reach ground with both feet (5.50’, 115 pd.) and it has a good handling for such a big bike.

Last year I rode more than 20.000 miles on my SP. We discovered the US by riding to some Guzzi rallies (Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Ontario/Canada) and in the summer we did a 10.000 miles west circle down to Texas and California, back over Seattle to Michigan. Over Christmas we did another 2.800 miles trip through Texas.

I hope I can do a lot more travel on this beautiful bike."


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Emily Banks, 1998 V10 Centauro GT

Operations manager for Moto America, the exclusive U.S. importer of Moto Guzzi motorcycles, Emily has been an important person in the Guzzi world for many years. She is former part owner of Midway Cycles in Lillington, N.C. which used to host those fantastic open houses attended by people from all over the country. She’s been riding almost 20 years mostly on Guzzis including a V50 Monza, Mille 1000, couple of Californias and now her favorite, the Centauro. She also owns a beautiful and running Falcone.


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Barbara Nowell, 1998 V10 Centauro Sport

With  80,000 miles ridden on Moto Guzzis and 20,000 on Ducatis, I'm a dedicated Italian bike fan.  I’m employed as an information systems designer and manager for a large textile company. Before I started riding nine years ago, sailing was my major hobby. But boats require a lot more maintenance than motorcycles, not to mention the 3 hour drive to get to the water before the fun starts. Now, whether commuting to work or beginning a two week vacation, the excitement begins as soon as I start the engine. Other interests include scuba diving, bicycling and amateur web development.


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Sian,  LeMans III

Graphic Designer, Tucson, Arizona

This past summer I embarked on a solo journey on my 1984 Moto Guzzi LeMans 3 to Nova Scotia, Canada from Tucson, Arizona. The trip took one month, I logged 9000 miles, and rode through 27 states/ provinces. Some of the most amazing places I rode through were South Dakota, Quebec City, The Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. I also caught the Art of the Motorcycle show at the Guggenheim in New York City. That's the short version of my trip. It was quite a ride and I met such great people along the way.

Picture # 1: Escaping the crowds after Sturgis at the Badlands, South Dakota, 8/98.

Picture # 2: Here is a shot of me at the border of Nova Scotia, Canada, 8/98.

Picture # 3: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, 8/98

I have been riding almost 8 years and was inspired to start riding when I moved to New Mexico so I could explore the wide open spaces. I have logged nearly 70,000 miles on my bikes and plan to log many more. Some of my upcoming projects include taking my 1993 Ducati Super Sport out to the track, going to Baja on the Guzzi this winter and someday soon doing Alaska (among the many other places I plan to ride to). I do most of my miles alone not only because I am a lone wolf but also because it's hard to find someone else who travels at the same pace, can get time off and who I jive with. It happens but it's rare. I have solo traveled the United States, Europe, and parts of Mexico and Canada.

You can see my Duc at The Women Who Ride Ducatis site:


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Kyrie, LeMans III, V50 Monza, V50 III, V65 SP

Hi - My name is Kyrie and I have been riding motorcycles for about 10 years. I started out on a BMW and after 2 years, replaced it with a Kawi EX500. While I was floating around the brands, I heard a Moto Guzzi Lemans III with Bub mufflers. I turned around and looked and knew someday I would have one. I switched over to Moto Guzzis and have never looked back. They inspire great passion in me - the handling, the sound, the look, the simple maintenance and the low-end torque for having fun in the twisties. About 6 years ago, I sold a business that I had owned for 6.5 years and decided to take some time off. I bought a V65 SP sight unseen in Meas AZ, got on a plane with all my gear and started a series of road trips lasting from 6 weeks to 3 months each. I went to almost every National Park on the West Coast and camped out, hiked and went to the occasional rally. I traveled extensively the first year logging in 30K solo miles.

I started to collect Guzzis and now own 2 V50 Monzas (pic 3), a V50 III, V65 SP and a Lemans III in white (pic 1 & 2). I also own a CB400F. Some of them need a little restoration but I have started the work. I don't ride as much as I used to (about 70K so far) since I had a nice "get-off" a few years back, but I am working steadily at my return. I love the motorcycling community that I am a part of -- what great support and friendships I have found.

I plan to take a tour of Europe, Alaska and a few of the States I have missed in my travels. I run an Internet mailing list for women called Women in Sport Touring (WIST) and am involved in the local riding community as well. Someday, Sian and I will take a ride together on our 2 white Lemans' :-)


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Brenda Marcome, 1998 V10 Centauro GT

Brenda, a Human Resource Manager, has been riding about 6 years but she’s been involved with Guzzis for just about forever. She drove the support vehicle behind me (Barbara) the first time I rode to a rally in 1989. She’s helped with most of our Guzzis in the Blue Ridge campouts and all the Open Houses that Midway Cycles used to host.

Her first bike was a V50. She’s been riding the Centauro almost a year and finds it "exhilarating." She progressed from short trips around the neighborhood to rides to the next town for Sunday Motorcycle Breakfast to weekend jaunts. Her longest trip so far was a 4-day weekend ride. This year she’s planning to ride almost 500 miles to the Big Country Rally in W.Va.


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Joan Freeman, 1984 California II, 1981 G-5

Joan is semi-retired, now working part-time for her husband's computer consulting business. She learned to ride in 1974, got her first Guzzi T-3 in 1976 and put about 80,000 miles on it. Bought a new G-5 in 81, rode it 138,000 miles and still has it. Got her current Cal II in 94 and has put about 28,000 on that one, plus has a 82 Harley Sportster XLS as a noisy toy. Other interests include flying (licensed private pilot since 1966) and travel, especially on the bike.


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Regina Hayes, 1998 V11 EV, Fremont CA.

Regina has been riding since 1983. She started with a V-50 Monza; moved to a V-65-C for touring in 1990 and commutes regularly now on the EV. She won't touch anything else in the garage (says husband Patrick). She works in International Public Relations for Sun Microsystems in Palo Alto, CA. Other interests include gardening, ice hockey and raising her 18 and 20 year old sons.


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Tripti Pasinelli,  1977 850 T3 California, Italy

Age: 23
Profession: flight instructor.

"I have been riding bikes since I was 13 years old in my native country, India, but nothing like a Guzzi . My husband introduced me to Moto Guzzi and in the beginning I was a little puzzled. Our T3 looked a little "too old." I always wanted a Kawa or Suzuki or Honda, the sporty ones. But as I started riding the Cali I realized that what I had was a completely different bike. Already the fact that I was a girl and then riding a beast like the T3 made everybody look and turn around. Some would say "what bike is that?!" While others "that’s a great touring bike". And soon love came and I started understanding more my husband’s passion for the bike. He introduced me to the Italian world of riding and driving. Now I know of Ducatis, beautiful pieces of machinery, and last year we purchased a 1977 Alfa Romeo Duetto convertible. Wow! The passion transpires in every skin pore when I drive it and again everybody looks. I like that . We were thinking of buying a new Quota and selling the T3 but Franco doesn’t want to get rid of the T3. It has 105.000 miles and start giving some problems here and there. We’ll see. Until then, Cheers,



One of the objectives of the N.C. Exhaust Notes web site is to demonstrate the variety of people who ride motorcycles and Moto Guzzis in particular.  Women are a small but very important minority in this group.  I (Barbara) was inspired to learn to ride when I saw another woman on a Moto Guzzi V50 Monza.  It is my hope that through women viewing other women riding we can get more of us into the sport. 

Please encourage any women you know who ride Moto Guzzis to email an image file to or contact Barbara at that address to arrange snail mail delivery.

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