Granville County North Carolina
List of Tithables [David Phillips, Constable] 1751

A True & imparfect List of Tithabels for the year 1751

David Phillips Constl 3 him self & his son William & his son Jesse

Joseph Bridgers three him self & John gunter & Wm Porch

William Bridgers two him self & his granson Thoms

Edward Toninies one tithe

John gant -3 him self & his Son Wilm & his Son John

John Reignwater 2 him self & his Son James

William Whealer one tith

Aron Sharar one tith

Henery Kec one tith

John gibbs 2 him self & one Negro man Jack

David phillips Juner one tith

Henery W__or one tith

Benjamin Tomson 3 him self his son John & BenJamon

John Terril 11 him self and his Son Jepthea and negros Sam } Cupit } mingo } george } frank } ben } ned } Jude }

Benjamon Coward one tith

Theophlus gooden 4 him self & son John a negro Jeme & prince

Mikal Lee one tith

James Barnet one tith

John Watson 3 him self & his son Arter & a negro man Jo__

Robert Clark one tith

Richard Halkom 3 himself & his Son Richard & his Son Joseph & son benjamon

John wood 2 him self & a negro man Sepes

Thomas pettey one tith

Francis Walker 2 him self and his Son francis

Shurley Whatley one tith

James pettey one tith

John Calley one tith

Robert Calley one tith

Joh Burfet one tith

James White one tith

Thomas putmon one tith

John Dear one tith

William vinson one tith

Hopkins Wilder one tith

Abraham green two tiths him self & son John

William Cordel one tith

Robert Davis one tith

Daniel Underwood two tith him self & a negro man Sam

Antony Crocker 3 tiths him self & Son Arter & Son Jacob

William Barler one tith

William Richerson one tith

William Blake 3 himself & his Son William & a negro man peter

John Thornton one tith

Rogger Thornton one tith

Robert Phillips one tith

John Phillips one tith

John Phillips one tith

Samuel fowler two him self & his Son Samuel

John Brantly five himself & Thomas Harriss & negros peter & patty & dall & Sam

William Williamson tow him self & a negro mol

Daniel Hodgon 3 him self & a negro man dick & tom

Jules Bowers one tith


Source: Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, CR044.701, State of North Carolina Library and Archives, Raleigh, NC

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