Granville County North Carolina
Tax List of Robert Harris 1753

A List of Tithables Taken for the Year
1753 by me Robert Harris
Robert Hicks Negroes Cato Sary Isabel Bess145
William Hicks1 1
Jonas Parker Negros Jacob Cromwell Sam Rachel York Nany Bess78
George Anderson11
John Jones fishing c[reek]1 
Giles Hedgpeth Negro Dick112
Carter Hedgpath and John Unions2 2
Ralph Hedgpeth Negros Flood Jeny Nany134
John White1 1
Jacob Perry Robt Morris2 2
Samuel Smith Negros Jeff and Jack123
Harris Gillum 
George King1 1
John Stovall his two sons one negro314
David Mitchel two negros Mingo & Aninyca123
Francis Rann1 1
William Clayton1 1
Jeremiah Clayton1 1
William Going and his son2 2
John Bannus1 1
Robert Bandy1 1
Lewis Anderson & son Shadrach Daughters Lisha and Mary44
William Gilly1 1
Thomas King and son Thomas2 2
Francis King11
Evan Ragland negros Bob Tom Haner Katt and Annica156
Valintine White 3
Thomas Robertson Negros Nan & Nick213
Moses Coppock1 1
William Smith11
John Smith1 1
George Jordan negros Frank & Judy123
Thos Thomson11
George Morris & John Johnson2 2
James Bandy1 1
John Lewis1 1
Lewis Thomas1 1
Peter Day1 1
John Russell1 1
Thomas Rose [entry crossed out]1 1
William Rose1 1
James Yancey adn John Harris
Negros Daniel Venus Katt
Anthony Garnet Negros three134
Jonathan White son Jonathan and
Negros Bob Goliah and Sarry
 Malichi Reves and negro Jackson   
Thomas Bradford negro Hanner



Edward Harris negro and Refuseth to list his wife1-
James Couch1 1
Robt Day1 1
Aron Fussell son Thos Negro Judy213
[the following pages have only one column- total tithes]   
 Litleton Spivia John Bowie Henry Fuller and Wm Lawrence 4
John Blackman  1
Daniel Blackman  1
Danile Harris George Haselwood
Negro Dick
Philemon Hawkins Negros Adam Jack
Bess and Lucy
John Leanord  1
Abrham Green son John  1
Thos Harris  1
Joseph Harris  1
Wm Raines Negro York  2
Samuel Fuller  1
William Grigg  1
Robt Mitchel John Going  2
Joseph Davenport [entry crossed out]  1
Browning Williams  1
Benjamin Hubard  1
John Williams  1
William Williams  1
Thomas Christian [entry crossed out]  1
Richard Pinnel son John  2
Nathaniel Daughty Negro Sue  2
Thomas Woodleife  1
George Woodleife  1
Littlebery Woodleife  1
John Sallis Joshua Hoggins Negro Phillis  3
Richard Chavert Negro  1
Alan Hay  1
Edmond Adcock  1
Henry Adcock  1
Richard Cuerton jur  4
John Harris Negros Hary Judy Jenny  1
Robert Clark Benja Halkura   2
Wm Mannus  1
Benja Rice Thomas Carter  2
Benja Ward Negro Easter  2
Charles Bartholomew  1
Henry Howard Negros Jack Sam
Bob Nany Judy
Daniel Balckman [entry crossed out]  
Abraham Estice  1
Robert Callow Negs Will Phebe  3
John Yancey Negr Paul  2
Edwd Young, Edwd Young Junr. NE.r Ben
Will, Davy, Alice
Hopkin Wilder  1
Thos Ling  1
Abraham Hood  1
William Hurst  1
  Total 184
Robt Harris Esqr one of his Lists 1753 Total 184   

Source: Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, CR044.701, State of North Carolina Library and Archives, Raleigh, NC

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