Granville County North Carolina
Tax List of John Sallis 1754

Granville CountyA List of Taxables for the Year 1754 taken by the Subscriber
The Names of the Masters, Mistreses, or Overseers Together with the Names of there Taxables &c White PersonsMale Negroes or Mulattoes FreeFemale Negroes or Mulattoes FreeMale Slaves Female SlavesTotal
Martin Wheeler1    
Thomas King
Thomas King Junr
2    2
Antony Garnett, Negroes Jeffery, Pompey, Hays   2
 John Howard, David Howard, Soloman Howard3    
William Hollyman1    
George Jordan, Negroes Frank, Juda1   13
Richard Roberts
Richard Roberts Junr
2    2
George Morris
John Johnson
Joseph Moore
William Humphrys
John Matthews
Francis West
Peter Day1    
Timothy Carter
Samuel Carter
Jacob Watts    
Richard Harris Esqr
Negroe Jenny
1   2
Willing Goeing
Joseph Goeing
2    2
  24   330 
James Bandy1    1
Jonathan Parker
Jesse Parker
2    2
Hanery Day Junr1    1
Jacob Perry1    1
Thomas Newby
Rodger Pouncey
2    2
William Jordan
Henery Jordan
John Smith
3    3
Robert Bandy1    1
William Howlet
Bartlet Sheperdson
2    2
Lewis Anderson, his Wife Sarah, Son Shadrach, Daughters Elisha, Mary, Tamer 24  6
John Stovall Jr Oversr Negroes Will, Timm, Fluke   1
Bartholomew Stoval Oversr
Negroes, Newgate, Lender
John Stoval
Thomas Stoval
Negroes, Pompey, Agge
2  11 
Samuel Smith, Negroes
Jeffery, Peter
William Moore1    
William Moore Junr1    1
 20 46335
Minus Griggs1    1
Joseph Holley
his wife Matthew
11  2
Thomas Stagg1    1
James Knott
John Knott
2    2
James Mitchell Jr1    1
John Lawrence1    1
James Wade1    1
David Mitchell
Negroes, Mingoe,
1  113
John Edwards
Lewis Edwards
2    2
John Jones } Fishing Creek1    1
Tarence McMullin1    1
Joseph Bishop1    1

 True List Jno Sallis J. P.
 John Sallis Esqr List 1754      

Source: Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, CR044.701, State of North Carolina Library and Archives, Raleigh, NC

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