Granville County North Carolina
Tax List of Robert Harris 1762

A List of Tithables Taken by Robert Harris
In Granville County and Granville Parish 1762
WhitesMale BlacksFemale BlacksTotal No
William Simmons11
Robert Mills1  1
George Levister1 1
John Shepard11
William Moxley11
Samuel Ware1  1
George Hedgpeth1 1
Andrew Hampton son John and Joseph3 3
 Ezekiel Hampton1 1
 Isaiah Phips Constable and Sons Isaiah & Wm Craig22
Leonard Peke1 1
Benjamin Partee11
 Charles Gunter Brother David Edwad Isham & Jas Isham4 4
Conrode Farmer1 1
 Worham Glen Charles Copland and negro Brister 213
 Thomas Bridges11
 Stepen Jett11
 Anthony Cozzart Sons Anthony Jacob Samuel John5 5
Absolom Langston1 1
 Moses Spann1  1
 James maydewell1  1
 Simon Seare1 1
 Toby Adcock



[to be continued]

Source: Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, CR044.701, State of North Carolina Library and Archives, Raleigh, NC

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