Granville County North Carolina
List of Insolvents, Dutch & Tar River Districts 1788

The Insolvents in Dutch District
for the year 1788

Edmond Carnes 1 poll & 150 acres land

Tos Jones 1 poll

James Cash 2 polls & 200 acres

Jesse Cozzort 1 poll

Joseph Carnes 2 polls

John Farmer 1 poll

The Insolvents in the Tar Riv__
District for the Year 1788

Richd Brigs 1 poll

Jesse Gunter 1 poll

James Miliner 1 poll

Benja Putmon 2 poll

Nathal Clark 1 poll


List of Insol.

Source: Granville County, North Carolina, Tax Lists, CR044.701, State of North Carolina Library and Archives, Raleigh, NC

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