Civil Records:
Frederick Johann Baumbach

Frederick Johann Baumbach

Frederick Johann husbandMay 15, 1893, New York CityDeath Certificate
  May 17, 1893 (buried)Lutheran Cemetery
Caroline, nee Rosenberger first wifeAugust 4, 1860. In GermanBible Marriage Record
  August 2, 1872, New York CityDeath Certificate
  August 3, 1872. In GermanBible Death Record
  August 5, 1872. Buried in Section A Lot 8100 Grave 216, The Green-Wood Cemetery, 5th St. & 25th Ave, BrooklynGreen Wood Cemetery
  Undated, New York City, Letters of Administration of estate of Caroline Baumbach, to Frederick Baumbach with five surviving minors, George, Caroline, Frederick, Charles and HelenaSurrogate Court Record
Children of Frederick and Caroline Rosenberg Baumbach 
George FredericksonFebruary 10, 1862. In GermanBible Birth Record
Margaretha KarolinedaughterSeptember 16, 1865. In GermanBible Birth Record
Martin FredericksonMay 1, 1868. In GermanBible Birth Record
  July 21. 1868 In German. St Peters Evangelical German Lutheran Church, New YorkBaptism Certificate
Heinrick KarlsonMay 12, 1870. In GermanBible Birth Record
Helene HenriettadaughterJune 7, 1872. In GermanBible Birth Record
  August 26, 1872 (buried)Green Wood Cemetery
Children of Frederick and Louisa Meyer Baumbach 
Louisa Remeisen/Reneissen, nee Meyersecond wifeJune 12, 1875Bible Marriage Record
HenriettedaughterAugust 5, 1875; mother named: Catherine Meyer. She was likely Louisa Meyer.Birth Certificate
Anna MargaretdaughterAugust 5, 1875; same birthday as Henriette.Portrait
  July 26, 1927 Anna Margaret FisherDeath Certificate
GeorgesonOctober 27, 1876 - October 29, 1876 (death)Birth Certificate
Frederick Williamson(October 28, 1877-wrong date in bible?; this is birth date for Mina Wilhelmina)Bible Birth Record
Emma MariadaughterApril 18, 1879Bible Birth Record
  November 11, 1881 (buried)Green Wood Cemetery
Frederick (Louis) AlbertsonMarch 10, 1881Bible Birth Record
  April 4, 1881, age at death: 1 monthDeath Certificate
Margaretha Wilhemena (Mina)daughterOctober 27, 1877 (Father is named George Baumbach on birth certificate. This was likely Frederick Baumbach.)Birth Certificate
  (October 18, 1878- wrong date in bible?; this is the birth date for Frederick William)(Mina is identified in family bible record as a daughter of Frederick and Louisa Meyer Baumbach)Bible Birth Record
  December 3, 1877, age: 1 month, 6 days Death Certificate


1. Files of George J. Baumbach, Jr., including:

A. Various birth, death, and marriage certificates of Frederick, Karoline, and their children
B. Bible of Frederick Baumbach

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