Children of Frederick Martin Baumbach
updated 19 April 2014

1. FREDERICK MARTIN4 BAUMBACH (FRIEDRICH JOHANN, JOHN MARTIN, JOHN MARTIN,  JOHANN HEINRICH, JOHANN MARTIN) was born May 01, 1868 in New York City, NY, and died June 07, 1937 in Corona, Queens, NY. He married (1) ROSE FANTRY February 06, 1887 in New York, NY, daughter of THOMAS FANTRY and ANN. He married (2) BARBARA WINKLER July 22, 1888 in New York, New York, NY, daughter of GEORGE WINKLER and BARBARA BESLER. He married (3) CAROLINE KUNIGUNDA WINKLER March 15, 1896 in New York, New York, NY, daughter of GEORGE WINKLER and BARBARA BESLER.

1868 May 1, "Our third child baptized Martin Frederick was born on the 1st of May 1868" (Johann Frederick Baumbach Family Bible)

1868 May 1, Baptism Certificate:
Tauf-Schein- Friedrich Baumbach, goboren den 1 ten May 1868 in der New York, des herrn Jahann Friedrich Baumbach geburtig aus Giengen an der Brenz in Wurttemberg, und Karaline Rosenberger, geburtig aus Albany in New York, empting am 21 ten July 1868 im Namen der heiligen Dreieinigkeit Gottes. Die heilege Taufe. Taufpathen: 237 E. 4th St. Soldes befcheiniget aus dem kirchenbude mit beigefegtem kirdhenfiegel: New York, den 20 ten August 1868. Signed: Asr. Flemmieke, Pastor, Seal: Deutsche Evang. Luth. St. Petri Kirche, New York


i. FREDERICK CHARLES5 BAUMBACH, b: August 31, 1889, New York, New York, NY ; m: ROSE WINTER, June 10, 1910 Deutsche Ev Kirche von Yorkville, New York, New York, NY; b: November 1891, New York, NY, daughter of RICHARD WINTER and ROSE THIELE .

Raised by Barbara Winkler Baumbach Gentsch and her second husband, George Charles Gentsch

ii. MABEL BAUMBACH, b: Abt. 1892; d: Abt. 1910.

Raised by Barbara Winkler Baumbach Gentsch and second husband, George Charles Gentsch


iii. GEORGE JOSEPH5 BAUMBACH, b: February 02, 1897, Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: February 13, 1986, Blacksburg, Montgomery, VA; m: MARGARET ELIZABETH SANDHAAS, June 26, 1919, New York, New York, NY; b: June 26, 1895 New York, New York, NY; d: October 18, 1989, Maryville, Blount, Tennessee, daughter of HENRY SANDHAAS and ELIZABETH A. EISMANN.

George J. and Margaret Sandhaas Baumbach are buried in Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA

iv. ROSE CAROLINE BAUMBACH, b: January 12, 1899, Boston, Suffolk, MA; d: September 02, 1979, Albany, Albany, NY; m: WALTER KEENE WILKINS, b: September 5, 1892 Albany, Albany, NY; d: Abt. 1951, son  of  HENRY B. WILKINS and ELIZABETH PIERCE.

v. MABEL H. BAUMBACH, aka Mother Mary St. Helen b: May 10, 1901, Long Island, NY; d: August 14, 1944, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Highland Mills, Orange, NY.

Roman Catholic Nun- Mother Mary St. Helen. She taught High School science at Teverant Hall, Highland Mills, NY.

vi. LILLIAN AGNES BAUMBACH, b:: August 01, 1903, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: March 06, 1970, Deer Park, Suffolk, NY; m: JOHN JOSEPH BRUTSCHY May 30, 1929 (date license issued, Queens, NY), b: November 29, 1904 NY; d: October 25 1980 Sag Harbor, Suffolk, NY, son of CHARLES BRUTSCHY and CATHERINE.

vii. CHARLES FREDERICK BAUMBACH, b: July 09, 1905, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: December 24, 1910, Elmhurst, Queens, NY.

Buried: Lutheran Cemetery [67-29 Metropolitan Ave Middle Village, NY 11379]

vii. CAROLINE G. BAUMBACH, b: September 23, 1907, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: April 23, 1989, Corona, Queens, NY, m: WILLIAM SHIELDS, b: December 29, 1908 NY; d: November 1981 Corona, Queens, NY

ix. WILLIAM A. BAUMBACH, b: September 01, 1910, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: July 01, 1948, Suffolk, NY, m. MARY ANN D., b: November 30, 1905 Ireland; d: May 02, 1990 Englewood, Sarasota, FL

x. EDWARD FREDERICK BAUMBACH, b: November 15, 1912, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: July 17, 1976, Huntington, Suffolk, NY; m: MARIE H., b: June 16, 1911; d: March 21, 1990 Volusia, FL

xi. FRANK MARTIN BAUMBACH, b: June 27, 1915, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: August 06, 1992, Williston Park, Nassau, NY; m: LORETTA M.

xii. VIOLET L. BAUMBACH, b: April 08, 1917, Elmhurst, Queens, NY; d: May 06, 2012 FL; m: RALPH THOMAS, b: December 10, 1910 NY; d: June 09, 1956 Suffolk, NY

xiii. JOHN FREDERICK BAUMBACH, b: January 01, 1921, Corona, Queens, NY; d: January 14, 2001 Lake Mary, Osceola, FL, m (1): MARGARET CUNNINGHAM, b: March 27, 1921; d: February 09, 1972; m (2): BEATRICE IMRE November 17, 1979 Volusia, FL; divorced August 04, 1983; m (3): DAPHNE CLAUDIA JESSOP LITKE December 30, 1983, Seminole, FL; b: May 26, 1926 New Zealand; d: April 15, 2011 Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

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