Family Pictures of Frederick Martin Baumbach

Frederick Martin Baumbach

Frederick Martin Baumbach
and Barbara Winkler
updated 19 April 2014

Barbara Winkler and Frederick Martin Baumbach had two children, Frederick George and Mabel Baumbach.   Frederick George Baumbach married Rose Winters. The following picture is from the photo album of Frederick Martin Baumbach.

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Frederick Charles Baumbach
with Barbara Winkler Baumbach


Mabel Baumbach 
daughter of Frederick Martin Baumbach and Barbara Winkler

On rear of photo, George J. Baumbach, Sr wrote: "Mabel Baumbach, No. 1 sister [daughter of Fred & Barbara Winkler] of Fred Baumbach. She was raised by my mother's brother John Winkler [& his wife Barbara Gentsch]. Died at 18 or 19 years of age."  Cross out and underline added later by George J. Baumbach, Jr.
2014 note by George A Baumbach:
Barbara Winkler Baumbach married to George Charles Gentsch, 1906 in New York.

Frederick Charles Baumbach
and wife, Rose Winter

taken at 18 Koerner Street,
Queens, NY

Koerner Street is now known as 52nd Ave, Corona


Frederick Martin Baumbach
and Caroline Winkler

My album of pictures of the family of Frederick and Caroline is very incomplete. Below are photos of Frederick, Caroline, some of their children, George, Rose, and Mabel, and Charles and Mabel Muller, children of Frederick's sister, Caroline Margaret Baumbach Muller. --George Baumbach

Caroline Winkler (1877-1953)
age 16 years
identification by Violet Thomas in 2003

Front Row: Mabel Baumbach, George Joseph Baumbach, Rose C. Baumbach

Middle Row: Caroline Winkler Baumbach, Frederick Martin Baumbach

Back Row: Mabel Muller, Charles H. Muller


George Joseph Baumbach, Frederick Martin Baumbach, Rose C. Baumbach

1905 or 1906 Coney Island, NY

Front Row: Rose C. Baumbach, Mabel Baumbach

Back Row: George Joseph Baumbach, Frederick Martin Baumbach

Charles H. Muller and Frederick Martin Baumbach

Caption: When they rode their bikes from Elmhurst L. I. to Boston Mass & back

(this is a studio photo)


Frederick Martin Baumbach

age 43

Caroline Winkler
3rd wife of Frederick Martin Baumbach


Frederick Martin Baumbach
grocer, manager at HC Bohack Co.,
24 Kingsland St (now 43rd Ave)

Elmhurst, NY

2 March 1938

Caroline Winkler Baumbach
age 60

at 111-27 42nd Ave, Corona, NY

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