A Baumbach Family of New York City,
Descendants of Johann Frederick Baumbach

Johann Martin and Magdelena Bohnenberger Baumbach Sr were residents of Langenbrand, Ne�emberg, Germany. Johann was a school teacher at a boy's school. His son, Johann Martin Baumbach, Jr followed in the same profession. He and his wife Barbara Fischer raised their family in Unterreichenbach and Geingen an der Brenz, Wurtemb�rg, Germany. Two sons, Carl Georg and Frederick Johann emigrated to New York City in 1854.

Index to Biographies And Documents

Johann Martin Baumbach Sr 
BAUMBACH, Johann Martin, Sr and Magdelena Bohnenberger of Unterreichenbach, Germany.Bohnenberger, Eisenach, Gengenbach, Genscht, 
Johann Martin Baumbach Jr 1795 - ?Associated Surnames
BAUMBACH, Johann Martin, Jr and Barbara Fischer of Unterreichenbach and Giengen an der Brenz, Germany. Civil and Church Records. Fisher, Meyer, Raisch
Frederick Johann Baumbach 1839 - 1893 
BAUMBACH, Frederick Johann 1839-1893 of Giengen an der Brenz, Germany, Immigrant to New York City and Caroline Rosenberg. Manuscript of William George Baumbach, 1983.Case, Grebs, Koch, Meyer, Renneissen, Rosenberg(er)
BAUMBACH, Frederick Johann 1839-1893 and family of New York City. Civil, Church and Family Records.Meyer, Renneissen, Rosenberg(er)
Families of Frederick Johann Baumbach and Families of Louise Meyer (updated 12/19/2014)Case, Frasee, Greb, Meyer, McCreary, Muller, Renneissen, Rosenberg(er),
BAUMBACH, Frederick, Caroline Rosenberg, Louisa Meyer, Family Photographs More Needed! (updated 12/19/2014)Case, Greb, Fischer, Meyer, Muller, Renneissen, Rosenberg(er)
Frederick Martin Baumbach 1868 - 1937 
BAUMBACH, Frederick Martin1868-1937 (A Biography), by son Edward Baumbach, 1964 Muller, Winkler
BAUMBACH, Frederick Martin, Last Will and Testament, 1929Gehring, Pakula
Children of Frederick Baumbach, Barabara Winkler, and  Caroline Winkler (updated 9/12/04)Brutschy, Fantry, Thomas, Wilkins, Winkler
BAUMBACH, Frederick Martin, Family Photographs More Needed!  (updated 9/12/04)Hemmerick, Muller, Sandhaas, Vanderhoven
George Joseph Baumbach, Sr. 1897 - 1986 
BAUMBACH, George Joseph Sr. and family, of New York City. Civil, Church and Family Records. Under Construction.Cummings, Hug, McLoughlin, Sandhaas
Family Photographs Under Construction. 


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