Ridge Family of Spotsylvania and Brunswick Counties , Virginia

Records of Godfrey and Sarah Ridge, Thomas Ridge and Benjamin and Mary Boucher in Virginia

Godfrey Ridge owned land in Essex and Prince William County, Virginia, but was noted in court records as being a resident of Spotsylvania County. He was associated with Thomas Jones, who claimed headright for bringing the Ridge family to the colony (1).

1730 September 28. Thomas Jones of King & Queen County, 350 acres new land in Spotsylvania Co. in St. George's Parish on head branch of the River Ny, adjoining Lewis Elsey & Colonel Spotswood. For importation of 7 persons: Godfry Ridge, Ann Ridge, Rebecka Ridge, Mary Ridge, Ann Ridge, Elizabeth Ridge, Thomas Ridge

There were two Ann Ridges transported so other researchers think it is likely that one was Godfrey's wife and another was his daughter, but there is not enough information available to prove the relationships of Godfrey to Ann, Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Thomas. Unfortunately, there is no corroborating evidence to assign relationships for the Ridge family from this single record. A Godfrey Ridge died intestate before Noveber 28, 1744, in Brunswick County, Virginia, and the administrator of his estate was Sarah Ridge, not Ann Ridge. Godfrey Ridge of Randolph County, North Carolina, had a wife named Ann- were they the same Godfrey and Ann imported by Thomas Jones? Thomas Ridge of Rowan County, North Carolina had a wife named Elizabeth, however, it is not clear that she was the same Elizabeth imported by Thomas Jones in 1730. As you can see, any assignments of family relationship are purely speculative.

Godfrey apparently settled in Spotsylvania County by 1721 when he was mentioned in a court minutes in Stafford County (2)

1721 October 17 Godfrey Ridge, Rich'd Jackman, John Blowers, John Toby, Margery Toby & John Bell attended this Day as Evidences for Andrew Glaspie adjoins Leonard Helmes

1726 September 28- October 10, 1726 John Blowers, assignee of Godfrey Ridge of Spotsylvania County, 402 acres on North Br. Cedar Run; adj. Peter Lehew, Colo. Tarply. Surv. John Savage.

Spotsylvania County

Godfrey Ridge lived in Spotsylvania County although no deed records have survived. We can trace him in court records, first in 1719 in Germanna records "In April 1723, a number of headright certificates were granted including those of Jacob Holtzclaw, John Camper [Kemper], and Johannes [John Joseph] Martin, of the 1714 Germanna Colony, Frederick Cobbler of the 1717 Germanna Colony, and Meredith Holms, Godfrey Pidge, John Bell, Thomas Jackman, John B. Cowers [Blowers] of the 1719 group." (from htttp://www.germanna.org/history.html.)

Godfrey was in Court as early as 1724 in Spotsylvania County.

1724 Godfrey Ridge & John Bell proved security that Thomas Jackman would return to court to answer a charge.

1728 August, John Savage, Petitioner, against, Godfrey Ridge, Defendant, postponed to next court.

1728 August, John Savage, Petitioner, failed to appear for court, so the case against Godfrey Ridge was dismissed.

1732 November 8, Court ruled in favor of Godfrey Ridge, Petitioner, against George Home, Defendant for an action of debt. Action brought by Godfrey Ridge against William Eddins for 3 lb is decided in favor of the Petitioner.

1732/3 February 7, Action of debt between Godfrey Ridge, Petitioner, and George Home, defendant for 6 lb; the defendant failed to appear and the court ruled in favor of the petitioner.

1733 May 2, Godfrey Ridge Petitioner, to Thomas Waller & James Sleet for 3 lb 6 sh; parties agree & case is dismissed.

1733 June 5. Godfrey Ridge against George Home & Thomas Downer for 6 lb current money & 289 lbs tobacco executed.

Godfrey was ordered to help build a road (3):

5 June 1733. On Petition of Benjamin Winslow Gent for & in behalf of himself and Severall others for a road &c: acording to the said Petition they have Liberty granted them to Clear the Most Convenients Way to the first Main road and Odered that Lazarus Tilly be overseer thereof, and It is further Ordered that John Bush, Henry Martin, and Godfrey Ridge Do View & Lay off the Same and Make report of their Proceedings to the Next Court.

In 1732 Pierce Cody petitioned the courts to settle the estate of Jeremiah Foster, suggesting that Pierce was owed money. Thomas Jones and Godfrey Ridge were also creditors of the estate . These are the first records that associate Godfrey Ridge, Thomas Jones and Pierce Cody (4, 5):

6 February and 6 March 1732/3. On Petition of Peirse Codey to have the Estate of Jeremiah Foster dec'd sold by the Sheriff as the Law directs for the benefit of the Creditors, the same is granted. And ordered that the Sheriff do sell the same and that he keep the said money in his hands till the Courts further order.

2 April 1734. On the motion of Thomas Jones to have the Fifty Shillings arising p[er] the sale of Jeremiah Foster deceds Estate yt: was sold p[er] the Sheriff and lodged in the hands of Henry Willis Gent. p[er] the (torn) who having examined his Accot. and moddled the same are of oppinion that Forty Shillings is the ballance due; Therefore ordered that the said Willis pay the said Jones the same; And it is further ordered that the said Willis pay the Ten shillings that remains unto Godfry Ridge in part of the said Foster deceds. Bill to to the said Ridge.

In 1734 Pierce Cody, Godfrey Ridge and Benjamin Boucher were charged with assault upon Constable Robert Williams for interferring with the arrests of Thomas Ridge and Thomas Hubbard (6).

5 March 1733/4. William Hansford, Gent. warrent granted to Thomas Witherby & Alice his Wife against Thomas Ridge and Thomas Hubbard for assaulting & beating them, being returned per Robert Williams, Constable, who complained that he was in a riotous manner assaulted by Pierce Codey, Godfry Ridge and Benjamin Boucher & hindered from serving the said Warrent on the said Ridge & Hubbard; It is ordered that the Sheriff do take ye said Thomas Ridge, Thomas Hubbard, Peirce Codey, Godfrey Ridge and Benjamin Boucher into Custody till they give bond and security for their appearance at the next Court that is held in Course for this County in April next at the Courthouse of the said County, to answer the said Complaint And that the Sheriff, if occasion, shall raise force for the taking of them.

2 April 1734. Godfry Ridge, Peirce Codey and Benjamin Boucher appeared when called to answer the Complaint made per Robert Williams, Constable, to this Court for their resisting power in a riotous manner & hindering the said Williams, Constable, executeing William Hansford Gent. warrent on Thomas Hubbard & Thomas Ridge, who was complained of per Thomas Witherby for assaulting & abuseing him & his Wife, the court haveing heard all evedences and arguements on each side & considered ye same, are of oppinion the Pierce Codey is guilty of the matter complained of & therefore ordered that he be committted into the Custody of the Sheriff & there to remain till he gives bond & Security for his good behaviour for one year and a day in the sum of Ten pounds currant money; and likewise that he be fined three pounds currant money to our Soveriegn Lord the King, And the matters of fact not apprearing on the Tryal against the said Godfry Ridge & Benjamin Boucher ordered that they be dismist.

Benjamin Boucher and Godfrey were aquitted at the above trial, but not Pierce Cody. In another incident that same year, Godfrey Ridge and Thomas Ridge were found guilty of assault of Elisha Perkins (7):

6 March 1733/4, Special imparlance granted Godfrey & Thomas Ridge in case brought against them by Elisha Perkins.

7 May 1734, Case of Elisha Perkins, Petitioner, against Godfrey & Thomas Ridge for assault & battery postponed.

3 September 1734, Case of Elisha Perkins, Petitioner, against Godfrey & Thomas Ridge for assault & battery postponed

4 September 1734. In the action of Trespass assault & battary brought p[er] Elisha Perkins, Plt agst. Godfry Ridge & Thomas Ridge Defts., for Fifty pounds Sterling damage, issue being joyned and put to a Jury for tryal p[er] name Thomas Hill &c., who after being sworn & heard all evedences & arguments &c., brought in their verdict viz., We of the Jury find for the Plt. Five pounds Sterling damage, Thomas Hill, foreman; which verdict at ye Plts. motion is admitted to Record & Judgment granted for ye same with costs & an attorneys fee: It is therefore ordered that the sd Defts. pay the sd. Plt. the same Alias Exo.

6 October 1735, Special imparlance granted in action of Rice Curtice against Thomas Ridge.

2 November 1736, Case of Rice Curtis against Thomas Ridge dismissed when Curtis fails to appear at court; Curtis ordered to pay court costs & attorney fees.

Thomas Ridge and Benjamin Boucher also lived in Spotsylvania County since they were subject to tithes which also carried the duty of clearing roads (8):

1737. On the Petition of Joseph Williams, Overseer of the Road from the River Po to Rappahannock Road setting forth that the gang belonging to the sd Road is not sufficient to keep it in repair, praying that more tithables be added &c., It is ordered that the tithables at Mr. John Chews Qtr. & at Colo. Corbins Quarter tithables not already under him, Wm Martins, Nicholas Coplans, Thomas Ridges, Benjamin Boucher & Charles Hutchesons be added to his gang to help him clear & repair the sd Road

In 1738, Godfrey Ridge was back in court in several civil suits (9):

1738 November 8, Alias capia granted William Bell, Petitioner in his case against Thomas Ridge.

1738/9 February 7. William Bell against Thomas Ridge dismissed when neither appears for court.

1738/9 February 7, Special imparlance granted defendant Thomas Ridge in the action against him brought by William McWilliams.

1738/9 March 7, Further time is given Thomas Ridge, Def't, in the assault & battery charge against him by William McWilliams, Pet'r.

1739 April 3, William McWilliams, Pltf, granted nihil dicit judgment against Thomas Ridge.

4 July 1739. Assault & batter case against Thomas Ridge brought by William McWilliams, postponed until next court.

1739 August 8, William McWilliams awarded 5 pd damages in his suit against Thomas Ridge for assault & battery.

The following records are very important clues for understanding the movements of the Ridge family (10). Thomas Ridge failed to pay an court settlement and had property attached, which reverted to Godfrey when he failed to appear.

1740 County Court Orders 7 May 1740. On the Attachment obtained by John Waller Gent. against the estate of Thomas Ridge, Godfrey Ridge, the Garnishee, failing to appear when called, therefore it is ordered that he be attacht. to give an Acct. on Oath next Court

1740 June 3, Agreement reached in John Waller, Gent, in his case against estate of Thomas Ridge for 1 lb 11s & 118 lbs tobacco.

The reference to Thomas' "estate" suggests he either died, moved, or absconded. Just one month later, Godfrey Ridge and Benjamin Boucher were charged with harboring and concealing Thomas Ridge, now a fugitive accused of horse theft. Mary Boucher, Sarah Ridge, and Joyce Ridge were among the several witnesses at court. There is no record that Thomas was ever arrested (11):

3 June 1740. Francis Thornton Junr. gent. Warrrent and mittimus against Godfrey Ridge and Benjamin Boucher for receiving harbouring and concealing Thomas Ridge and Thos. Richerson and a Black Stallion & one bright bay gelding belonging to Hugh Farguson knowing the same Horses to be by them stolen &c., the sd. Godfry & Benjamin being called did appear at the barr and the sd warrent being read, to which they pleaded Not Guilty, the Court proceeded to swear & examine the witnesses, to wit, Edward Herndon Junr., Mary Boucher, Sarah Ridge, Joyce Ridge, John Webster, Richard Webster, Edward Dickerson, & William Jones and having heard the same, it is considered by the Court that the said Godfrey Ridge and Benjamin Boucher be bound to their good behaviour for a year and a day each of them in penalty of Fifty pounds current money each to be vound with two sufficient securitys under the penalty of twenty five pounds current money each security and they are to remain in the Sherifs Custody till they give such bond and Securitys as before mentioned and they to pay all cost &c.

Mary Boucher was no doubt the wife of Benjamin Boucher, and possibly nee Mary Ridge who was transported in 1730 to Virginia by Thomas Jones. It is enticing to speculate that Sarah was the wife of Godfrey Ridge. Sarah Ridge was the administratrix of Godfrey Ridge in Brunswick County, Virginia, and later where she lived was referred to as Widow Ridge's Creek.

Thomas Ridge of Rowan County, North Carolina, appeared in the records there in 1748, suggesting that he was possibly the same man as Thomas of Spotsylvania County. In December of 1739, a Thomas Ridge of King George County, Virginia, was named in an advertisement for a runaway servant:

1739 December 13. Reward for runaway convict servant, Bartholomew Fryet, from Richland Farm, belonging to Charles Carter, Esq of King George County, Virginia, in the company of a servant, John Collins owned by Thomas Ridge of King George County. [Virginia Gazette, No. 177, Friday 14 December – Friday 21 December 1739]

Colonel Charles Carter, Esq., was the brother of Robert Carter Jr, sons Robert "King" Carter, of Corotoman, Lancaster County, Virginia. Robert Jr & Charles Carter owned an estate, Richland, in King George County. Godfrey Ridge's land in Prince William County (formed from Stafford and King George Counties) backed up to Charles Carter's estates on Bull Run and Cedar Run.

Godfrey Ridge was in Spotsylvania County until at least 1742.

4 July 1739. On the Petition of Thomas Hoard against Godfrey Ridge for two pounds ten shillings current money on account, the Deft. suffered Judgment to pass against him for the same with costs; It is therefore considered that the said Ridge pay the said Hoard the same

4 July 1739. At the motion of William Miller, he is allowed for two days attendance as an evidence summoned by Thomas Hoard against Godfrey Ridge. It is therefore ordered that he sd Hoard pay the sd. Miller fifty pounds of tobacco for the same as the Law directs.

1741 June 2. David McCullock, Petitioner against Godfrey Ridge, case continued

1741 August 5, David McCullock against Godfrey Ridge is dismissed by mutual agreement

1741 August 5, John Waller, Gent., Petitioner, against Godfrey Ridge for 1 pd, 1 s & 153 lbs tobacco is dismissed.

1741/2 February 3, William McWilliams and Godfrey Ridge case settled for 1 lb 15 sh 7 p and the case is dismissed.

1741/2 March 2, bridge over Lewis River by Godfrey Ridge's land. [Note: Lewis Run, Scott's Run & Furnace Run are the same stream in Spotsylvania County]

This last record is the only reference to a location for Godfrey Ridge's land in Spotsylvania County.

Godfrey and Sarah Ridge
Brunswick County, Virginia

Godfrey Ridge of Spotsylvania County moved to Brunswick County where he died intestate c1744 (12):

1744 Inventory of estate of Godfrey Ridge, late of Brunswick County, dece'd. Appraised this November 28, 1744. Items mentioned include: 1 bed and appurtenances, 2 old books, one pair of compasses. Total value: 19 pounds, 3 shillings, 3 pence. Signed: Sarah (her S mark) Ridge, Administratrix of Godfrey Ridge, William Verdeman, John Webster, Charles Hill. Returned to Court 7 Mar 1744/5 and ordered recorded.

John Webster and Sarah Ridge had previously been witnesses in the 1740 horse theft case against Thomas Ridge in Spotsylvania County. Thomas Ridge was still on the lam in 1746 when the Sheriff of Brunswick County wrote the governor about trying to find him (13).

1746 June 25, Brunswick. Henry Embry to the Governor...When I waited on your hon'r last you mentioned som thing Concerning Thos Ridge & your hon'r was so kind as to Tell me as I was Sherif I might have the Prefer'e of going to him. ...I shou'd be glad to know as soon as possible, That I might Indeavor to know by inquiry where the Villian Resides before I set out from home

Thomas Ridge had evaded capture- he was in Old Rowan County, North Carolina.

Godfrey Ridge lived in what is now Pittsylvania County on Ridge's Creek, now known as Old Woman's Creek. After Godfrey's death in 1744, the creek was also known as Widow Ridge's Creek and for a time was in Halifax County (formed from Lunenburg in 1752, from Brunswick in 1746).  This creek was several miles east of where Pierce Cody lived on Bull Creek. On April 22 1748, Robert Walton entered land with Pierce Cody on Bull Creek and with Timothy Dalton on Widow Ridge's Creek (14):

1748 April 22 Land Entry Book. Robert Walton 400 on both sides Black Water River Beginning at a Certain Cliffe of Rocks below Pitmans Creek thence Down.

(Surv.d by J.B) Robert Walton and Pierce Cody 200 each on the South Side of Stanton River begin: at the 1st Cliffe of Rocks above Randolphs Line running up to Black Water River.

(Void) Timothy Dalton & Robert Walton 200 each on both sides of Widow Ridges Creek beginning at the lower End of a certain remarkable Catail Meadow Running up.

Tim. Dalton 400 begin: on Obadiah Woodsons Line thence up both sides the upper three - Island Cr.

William Vardeman was named in the estate inventory of Godfrey Ridge. A Bridget Vardeman and John Tinkler sold land James Tinkler's patent on (Widow) Ridge's Creek in 1759 (15):

1759 March 15 John Tinkler and Briget Vardaman of Halifax County to John Whealer of Bedford County for �17 for 138 acres of land granted to James Tinkler by patent of 12 July 1758, on both sides of Ridge's Creek, beginning at [Obediah] Woodson's corner on said creek at the falls. Signed: John (+) Tinkler, Briget (+) Vardiman; Witnesses: Stephen Clement, Francis Pollard, Daniel Williams; recorded 15 March 1759.

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