David Allen, 1802 Deposition, Davidson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee )
Davidson County )

"In obedience to a commission to us directed from the hon'able the Judges of the Superior Court of law and Court of equity held in and for the district of Salisbury in the State of North Carolina, we have proceeded to take the deposition of David ALLEN of lawful age in a certain matter of controversy in said court of equity defending, wherein Jonathan HAINES as the next friend of the orphans of William RIDGE deceased is plaintiff and William T. LEWIS, William COOKE and others are defendants; who being duly sworn agreeable to law deposeth and saith;

That to the best of his knowledge and remembrance, in the year 1778 there was passed by the assembly of North Carolina an act for the purpose of drafting, by ballot, men into the nine months service, (as the same was then termed) and that he was then & for many years thereafter an inhabitant of that State and served in Surry County in said State in the Company of Capt. Salatheil MARTIN, and that when the said Cpt. MARTIN made the draft of militia out of his company in pursuance of the aforesaid act of the General Assembly of North Carolina, that there was a certain Godfrey RIDGE son of William RIDGE aforesaid drafted for nine months service in the Continental army, and that in addition to the said Godfrey RIDGE, there was also drafted for the same service Michael HENDERSON, David RIGGS, (and this deponant believes) a ROBERTS & DAVIS. That after Godfrey RIDGE was drafted as aforesaid he absconded and lay out for some time and would not march with those of the same night bounded who were drafted for the same Service, which crime of desertion subjected the said Godfrey RIDGE to the penalty of serving three years or during the then war; this, this deponant believes to be the purport of the said act of the General assembly of the said State of North Carolina.

This deponant further saith that he is and has been well acquainted with W. T. LEWIS aforesaid and with the said Godfrey RIDGE and his father William RIDGE, and with the negroes now in dispute between the said HAINES & LEWIS, who were named SALL & NAN, and that he knew the latter- NAN, to have been in the possession of the said W. T. LEWIS in the spring of the year in the month of May in the year 1780 and that he was then informed (never heard the same at anytime denied) that he the said William RIDGE had given to the said LEWIS the said two negroes named SALL & NAN as compensation for the said LEWIS'S hiring and puting a substitute with the said Continental Service in the room of his son the said Godfrey RIDGE, and in consequence of this contract this deponant does know expressly that he said Godfrey RIDGE never was called upon to perform the service in person for which he had been previously drafted as aforesaid;

and this deponant further saith that he understood at the same time that aforesaid negroe named SALL was not delivered to the said LEWIS at the time the other negroe named NAN was delivered to him because the said negroe named SALL was not present at the time & place of the delivery of the other named NAN, and that the said William RIDGE shortly after the aforesaid contract was made or in the same summer, went off with Tories and that a Capt. CLOUD in pursuit of the party came across the said negroe named Sall and took possession of her or sent her to his house upon Dan River in the said State of North Carolina under an idea that the said negroe was then the property of the said RIDGE a tory and it was some time after this transaction, say the fall or winter following that the said LEWIS got possession of the said negroe named SALL, since which time this deponant has never understood that when either or both of the said negroes have been out of his possession unless by said LEWIS'S contract.

"Question 1st Do you know anything of a certain Thomas RIDGE or of his character.

"Answer Thomas RIDGE never belonged to Capt. Salathiel MARTINS Company, nor do I believe that there was such a man in that part of the country 'til after the battle of Kings Mountain which happened in the fall of the year 1780 & long after the contract took place between the said William T. LEWIS and the said William RIDGE for the two negroes aforesaid named SALL & NAN; and after the death also of the said William RIDGE was said to have been killed, from which circumstances this deponant is convinced that the said Thomas RIDGE could have not been __ of the said contract.

"Question 2d. Do you know any thing of the characters of John COMBS, William COMBS, Mason COMBS, Biram COMBS, Jeremiah COMBS, Thomas COODY, Godfrey COODY, William COODY and John STACY- if you do please to relate what you know respecting them.

"Answer. I believe them to be all related to William RIDGE, I also believe that the most of them were disaffected toward the American cause and that the most of them took an active part against the Americans in favour of the british and that some of them were murderers and were generally called men of infamous character and in short no truth could be placed in any thing they might sa[y] or do.

"Question 3d Do you know of any other children of William RIDGE'S than those mentioned in the complainants bill,

"Answer I do- There was Godfrey RIDGE his eldest son and Nancy RIDGE his daughter now the wife of John FIELDER.

David Allen

Sworn to and subscribed before us at the house of John SUMMERVILLE in Nashville, County of Davidson & State of Tennessee this 2d day of March 1802
Jno Anderson, J. Peace
Jos Coleman, J.P.

State of Tennessee )
Davidson County)

We the undersigned Justices of the peace in & for the county aforesaid, do hereby certify that the annexed deposition of David ALLEN was subscribed and sworn to before us at the house of John SUMMERVILLE in Nashville, Davidson County State of Tennessee on the second day of March 1802.

In testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands and caused our seals to be affixed this second day of March 1802.

Tho. Anderson (seal)
Joseph Cole[torn] (seal)

[Endorsement side:]
Mr. Lock appeals
not legally taken &
cannot be read
Sepr: 30th 1802
Max. Chambers C. M. Ety

David ALLEN &
Clayborne GENTRY ) Dep's

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NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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