Isabell Bacon, 1804 Deposition, Hawkins County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

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In Obedience to a Commission to us directed from the Honorable the Judges of the Superior Court of Law and equity held for the District of Salisbury and State of North Carolina We have proceeded to take the Deposition of Mrs. Isbell BACON of lawfull age in a certain matter of controversy in the said Court of Equaty depending wherein Jonathan Hains as the next frend of the Orphans of William RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T. LEWIS and others are defendants and she being sworn agreeable to law deposeth and saith that she is acquainted with Wm T. LEWIS one of the present defendants and also with the famaly of Wm RIDGE and with the contract made between the said Wm T. LEWIS and Wm RIDGE and that the said Wm RIDGE gave the said Wm T. LEWIS two negroe girls one by the name of Sal the other by the name of Nan for having the said Wm T. LEWIS to enlist a man and to put him into the Continental Service in the place of his son Godfre RIDGE that was a balloted man into the nine months servis & having refused to march subjected him to serve three years or during the war in the Continental Servis as this Deponant was informed was the act of Assembly of North Carolina.

This deponant further sayeth that in consequence of the contract that was made as afoursaid between the said Wm T. LEWIS and Wm RIDGE that said LEWIS did receive of Wm RIDGE one of the Negroe girls mentioned above (to wit Nan) in the Spring of the year in the month of May in the year 1780 and that said RIDGE was to deliver Sall--But sometime after said RIDGE Joined the Tories and went off and that there was a Captain CLOUD that raised a company to pursue them and this deponant understood that he came across the before mentioned Negro Girl Sall and sent her to his House somewhere on the waters of Dan river and that it was several months before Wm T. LEWIS got her

This deponant further saith that in the Spring of the year 1780 Wm T. LEWIS had a Bill of Sail of Wm RIDGE for the before mentioned two Negores now in dispute SALL and NAN and that in the same year 1780 the said Wm T. LEWIS was robbed by one John GOWINS and one Nicholas COMBS. GOWINS a Brother in Law to WM RIDGE and COMBS a nephew to said RIDGE and that the had destroyed a great many of his papers and he supposed the said Bill of Sail among the rest, that he had got of Wm RIDGE that the Robbers had Torn and scattered said LEWIS's papers over the floor of his House and that said LEWIS bundled said papers up in a bundle and taken them to Major LEWIS's in Wilkes County and this Deponant saith that in a few days after the robbery was committed in less then a weak that Wm T. LEWIS was at the house of this deponant and expressed his ____iness for the loss of the Bill of Sail of SALL that he had got of Wm RIDGE for said two Negroes SALL and NAN and said that he had searched his papers taken to his fathers by his Overseer but had not found it.  This deponant was afterwards informed by the said Wm T. LEWIS tha he had made application to Winney RIDGE the wife of Wm RIDGE Deceased & John FIELDER son in law of Wm RIDGE and Godfre RIDGE the eldest son of the said Wm RIDGE for them to give him another Bill of Sale for said two Negroes they knowing said LEWIS had enlisted a man and put in the place of said Godfre which was employing this his contract with Wm RIDGE for said two Negroes SALL and NAN which this deponant had understood that they had givin Wm T LEWIS an other Bill of Sale for said Negroes SALL and NAN in consequence of having lost as he supposed the first-- and a veary considerable time after they had givin the second this Deponant was informed that the said Wm T. LEWIS had found the first given to him by Wm RIDGE among some old papers of his at his fathers Major LEWIS of Wilkes County.

This deponant saith that she lived in the bounds of Captain MARTINS Company in the year 1780 in the County of Surry and State of North Carolina and that she never known a Thomas RIDGE in that part of the Country nor in that Company and is sattisfyed that he said Thomas RIDGE knew nothing of the contract that was made between Wm T. LEWIS and Wm RIDGE for SALL and NAN the afoursaid two Nigroes nor of Winney RIDGE John FIELDER and Godfre RIDGE giving Wm T. LEWIS a second Bill of Sale for said two Negroes when he said LEWIS supposed that he had lost the one got from Wm RIDGE when John GOINGS and Nicholas COMBS had robbed him.

This Deponant further gives for reasons that Wm RIDGE joined the Tories in the summer of the year 1780 and was said to have been killed in a battle against the Whigs at the Hanging Rock in South Carolina the same year. This deponant further saith that Thomas RIDGE worked at the House of this Deponant in the fall of the year 1798 and this deponant understood that he was some what related to Wm RIDGE but that he had not been in Surry County for many years until the winter after the battle of Kings Mountain which was in the year 1780 and that he had been in the State of South Carolina and Georgia and was in the Service under one Captain ROUNDTREE and was wounded as this deponant understood at an action in Augusta in the afoursaid 1780. This deponant saith that she does not recollect that Wm T LEWIS has ever been out of the possession of said Negroes from the time he first got them &-

Question 1st asked the Deponant do you know any thing of the carrictors of John COMBS Mason COMBS Jerimiah COMBS Biram COMBS Thomas CODY Godfre CODY John STACY or the carrictors of the COMBS CODYS or STACYS in general if you do relate them.

Answer they was said to be disaffected to the American cause most of them joined with the Tories and some of the COMBS was said to murder a mr. BRADLEY in Maclenburg County and was found out by having the gun and silver buttons of the deceased in their possession and there carrictors was as bad for thieving as they well could be.

Question 2d. do you know of any other children than is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of complaint of Wm RIDGES

Answered I do, there was Godfre RIDGE and Nancy now the wife of John FIELDER in the State of Georgia.

Question 3rd. do you know any thing of Nathan Allens supporting the children of Wm RIDGE after the said ALLEN married the widdow.

Answered I do he supported them about two years.

Question 4th. do you know if he was allowed any thing for it.

Answer I do not.

Question the 5th do you or do you not think that the recovery that was made by William COOK & Jonathan HAINS against Wm T. LEWIS as guardians of the younger children of Wm RIDGE in the County Court of Surry North Carolina was the worth of CATE and her three children that is mentioned in the complainants Bill of Complaint

Answer I have understood that they recovered lb 270 I am not a Judge of the vallue of Negroes tho I know CATE to be a veary frail unhilthy Negro and further this Deponant saith not

Sworn to and subscribed before us this 28 day of July 1804.

Isebel BACON

John Hamblen J.P. (seal)
Philmer Green J. P. (seal)

We the subscribing Justices of the Peace of Hawkins County before whome the deponsition of Isbel BACON was taken inthe sute depending in the Court of Equity for the District of Salisbury and State of North Carolina wherin Jonathan HAINS the next friend of the Orphans of Wm RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T LEWIS and others are Defendants do certify that the Deposition of Mrs. Isbil BACON was taken at the House of Michael BACON in said County onthe 28th day of July in the year of Our Lord 1804 in witness whereof we have hereunto set our honds and seals this day and date above written.

John Hmblen J. P. (seal)
Philmer Green J. P. (seal)

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