Obediah Martin Benge, 1800 Deposition, Davidson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee )
Davidson County )

"In obediance to a commission to us directed from the Hon'ble Judges of the Superior Court of Law & Court of Equity held for the district of Salisbury & State of North Carolina we have proceeded to take the deposition of Obadiah Martin BENGE of lawfull age & being sworn agreeable to Law, deposeth & sayeth that in the year one thousand seven hundred eighty, that he this deponant was informed by Winney RIDGE, then wife to William RIDGE that her husband had given Thomas AYRES a negroe wench by the name of CATE & her child JIM, for the said AYRES wife to undertake to doctor a daughter of said RIDGES that was then afflicted with pains (two of the Negores now sued for) This deponant further sayeth, that he at the same time had what is called the white swelling on one of his arms & that Mrs. Ridge advised the mother of this deponant to send him to Mrs. Ayres for that she had helped her daughter very much for the time that she was under her & that she was sincible, that she could cure him, this deponants mother reply'd that her son must die for that they had no negroes to give, this deponenat further sayeth that before that time that he had often understood that Godfrey RIDGE son to William RIDGE was a nine months draught or Balloted man & also a delinquent, further sayeth that he always understood that William RIDGE father of Godfrey RIDGE gave William T. LEWIS two Negroe Girls, to put a man in the continental service in the place of his son Godfrey RIDGE, the one by the name of SAL the other by the name of NAN,

"This deponant further sayeth that he understands that Thomas RIDGE has been call'd upon by Jonathan HAINES to say something of the contract between William Ridge & William T. Lewis. This deponant says he is well convinced that Thomas RIDGE was not in the country untill the fall after the Battle of Kings mountain which was long after the contract happened. And further says he knows him to be a man of the basest of character in existance,

"Question asked the deponant in behalf the defendants. do you know the characters of either Thomas COODY, William COODY, Godfrey Cody, John COMBS, William COMBS, Mason COMBS...

"Answer The Combes and Coodys were Torys and known enemies to their country, and farther it was reported that Abiram and Jeremiah Combs was at the murder of a certain Bradley of Mecklenburg County of the State of North Carolina

"Question 2d...do you know of any other children of William Ridges...

"Answer I understand that Godfrey Ridge and Nancey are not mentioned in the complainants bill, but they were called the children of William Ridge and I believe were ever acknowledged by him to be his children.

"Question the 3d..was not it reported at the time that John COMBS Senior left Surry County that he took a hog that was not his property.

"Answer It was, and farther this deponant saith not

OM Benge

1st of Dec'r 1800

E. Gamble J.P. (seal)
B.D. Wills J.P. (seal)

References Cited

NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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