Deposition of Colonel Joseph Philips, 1801 Robertson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee )
Robertson County )

In obediance to a commission to us directed from the Hon'ble the Judges of the Superior Court of Law and Court of Equity for the District of Salisberry and State of North Carolina, we have proceeded to take the deposition of Colo. JOSEPH PHILIPS of lawfull age in the suit now defending in the aforesaid Court of Equity which RIDGES Orphans by their next friend JONATHAN HAYNES is Plaintiff and WM TERREL LEWIS & others Defendants. After being sworn upon the Holy Evengelist of Almighty God, deposeth & saith

That he hath been well acquainted with Wm. T. LEWIS one of the present defendants a great many years and with two of the Negros now in dispute, to wit, SALL & NAN- This deponant saith that he was at the house of said WILLIAM T LEWIS' some time in the month of May in the year one thousand seven hundred & eighty being generally acquainted with the property of said LEWIS, asked him who he had purchased one of the said Girls to wit, Nan, which he then had in his possession. LEWIS answer was that he got her and another from WILLIAM RIDGE to enlist & put a man into his son GODFREY RIDGE'S place that had been a nine months draft, or balloted man into the Service and failing to march when called on, subjected him to serve as this deponant believes, three year or during the war in the Continental Service, and went & produced to him this deponant, the Bill of Sale he had got of Wm RIDGE for said two Negros before mentioned SALL & NAN, for his puting a man in the place of GODFREY RIDGE, son to s'd WM RIDGE-

A Bill of Sale this day produced, dated the 5th day of May 1780, signed WM RIDGE with his mark, affixed, tes'd by J. M LEWIS & STADGE COOK, recorded in Surry Cty Court, Test'd by Joseph Williams, CC by Wm Thornton. Also proven by STADGE COOK before ZAC'H RAY J.P.- also a certificate of JOSEPH HARDIN & DAVID RUSSELL Justices of the Peace, certifying it, to be the Bill of Sale that was proven at Green Court House on the 20th of March 1790. Also the oath of JOHN MCCONNELL, proved it to be the same Bill of Sale he proven before. ZAC'H RAY & ___ J. P.- This deponant saith the Bill of Sale as above described, he believes to be the same one shewed to him by s'd LEWIS in May one thousand seven hundred & eighty, as above mentioned.

And further this deponant saith not.

Joseph Phillips

John Philips, J. P.
Martin Duncan, J. P.

We certify that JOSEPH PHILIPS who signed the above deposition was sworn to & subscribed before us in said State of Tennissee & County of Robertson, at the Court House on the second day of January one thousand eight hundred and one.

John Philips, J. P
Martin Duncan, J. P

Continued by request of Defendant

Question by defend't to JOSEPH PHILIPS. Do you know anything of THOS. COODY, GODFREY COODY, WM COODY, JOHN COMBS, MASON COMBS, or WILLIAM COMBS or the charactors of the COODYS or COMBS in general if you do relate them.

Ans'r. They were considered as bad men, Tories, Horse thieves & murderers & such charactors as no men of Charactor would associate or believe any thing they said.

And further this deponant saith not.

Joseph Phillips

John Philips, J. P.
Martin Duncan, J. P.

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NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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