David Spence, 1801 Deposition, Robertson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee )
Robertson County )

In Obedience to a commission to us directed from the Hon'able Judges of the Superor Court of Law and Court of Equity held for the District of Salesbury and state of North Carolinia We have proceeded to take the Deposition of Mr. David SPENCE of lawfull age in the suit now depending in the aforesaid Court of Equity. Wherein Jonathan HAINES as the next freind of the orphans of William RIDGE is Plaintiff, William Terrel LEWIS & others Defendants after being sworn upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God;

Deposeth & saith, that he is & has been well acquainted with William Terrel LEWIS one of the present Defendants, and with the Negro's __ for by Jonathan HAINES, That in the time of the war with Great Britain & America, that he lived a very close neighbour to s'd LEWIS in Surry County North Carolina within perhaps little more than a mile, and that he understood at that time of his giting  SALL & NAN of William RIDGE, to enlist & put a man in the place of said William's son Godfrey RIDGE that was a Balloted man into the nine months service out of Capt'n Salathiel MARTIN'S Company, and thathe frequently was at the House of said Lewis in the spring and year of one thousand seven hundred & eighty, and that SALL & NAN was in his possession in consequence of the aforesaid contract made with William RIDGE--

First  Question asked in hehalf of the Defendants

Do you or had you ever seen a Thos. RIDGE in that part of the county, meaning Surry County North Carolina in the year seventeen hundred & eighty or previous to that time
Answer, I had and that if he had been in that part of the country this deponant thinks he would had a chance to have seen him
Quest'n 2nd
Do you know any thing of Thomas COODY, Godfrey COODY, William COODY, John COMBS, Mason COMBS or William COMBS, or the charectors of the COODY's or COMBS in general, if you do relate them

Ans'r. They were generally called disafected men to the American cause, some went off to the Brittish and ___ said that someof the COMBS'S murdered a man on their return, and was called generally dishonest men

This deponant further saith that he never knew NANN to be out of the possession of s'd LEWIS after this contract as aforesaid made except in the year one thousand seven hundred & eighty when he was said to be robed by one John GOIN brother in law to said William RIDGE and by one COMBS nephew of said RIDGE, and at that time the most of LEWIS'S Negros ran off and was some some before he got the whole of them again, tho this deponant do not know the time to a day said Negro's were gone--

And further this deponant saith not,

David Spence
John Philips J. P.
Martin Duncan, J. P.

We certify that David Spence who signed the foregoing Deposition was sworn to, & subscribed before us in said State of Tennessee & County of Robertson, at the Court House, on the Second day of January One Thousand Eight Hundred and One

John Philips J. P.  (seal)
Martin Duncan J. P. (seal)

References Cited

NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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