John Fielder, Senior, 1800 Deposition, Davidson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

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Legally taken & May be read. Max. Chambers, CC. Copd. for Defft Lewis Dec 1804

State of Tennessee )
Davidson County )

In Obedience to a Commission to us, Directed from the Hona'ble Judges of the Superior Court of Law and Equity held for the District of Salisbury and State of North Carolina we have proceeded to take the deposition of John FIELDER Sen. of lawful age in a certain matter of controversy in said Court of Equity depending wherein Jonathan Haines as the next friend of the Orphins of Wm RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T. LEWIS Wm COOK and others are defendants and being sworn agreeable to law

Deposeth and saidth that he hath lived in the neighbourhood where Wm T. LEWIS and Wm RIDGE lived in Surry County North Carolina about twenty years and that Wm Ridge had a son by the name of Godfre RIDGE and that said Godfre as the Deponant understood was a Ballotted man into the nine months servis and refused to serve, which subjected him as this Deponant understood to serve three years or during the war in the Continental Servis, this Deponant further saith that he had reason to believe that Wm T LEWIS furnished a man and put him into the Continental Servis in the place of said Godfre RIDGE and that he this Deponan [sic] saw the said substitute marching in said RIDGES place in said Servis and that said RIDGE then remaind at home in peace wherein he was before compelled to serve.

Question Asked the Deponant in behalf of the Defendants do you know any thing of the carrictors of Thos. COODY Wm COODY Godfre COODY John COMBS Wm COMBS Mason COMBS or the carricture of the Coodys and Combs in genl if you do relate it.

Answered. they all were calld enemys to there Country and that this Deponant understood that Thomas COODY commanded a Tory Company, that Wm COMBS with John Hainz and others was apprehended for stealing cattle killing a stear said to be the property of Joseph THOMPSON and that Wm COODY in the presence of this Deponant robed the corn house of Wm T. Lewis of a bag of corn. This deponant further saith that he has ever understood that two of the COMBS viz. Torrys with others on there way from the Battle of Hanging rock murdered a gentleman in Macklinburg County.

Question the 2nt asked in behalf of the Defendants do you know any other children of Wm Ridges then is in the complaints...

Answered I was well acquainted with Wm Ridges son Godfe Ridge and his daughter Nansey.

Question in behalf of the Defendants do you know anything of a certain Thomas Ridge that has been Calld upon by Jonathan HAINZ as a witness in said suite if you do relate the Time that you first knew of his coming into that Country and his Carrictor

Answered I never heard of him nor saw him until after the Battle of Kings Mountain and that he could not have been at any contract that was made between Wm T. Lewis and Wm Ridge as said Ridge was before that time said to have been killd in an action at the Hanging Rock in South Carolina and that said Deponant lived a near neighbour to both Lewis & Ridge and further saith that he had burnt one or two houses and was a man of Infamous carrictor, and further this Deponant sait not.

And further Sayeth that John COMBS the son of William COMBS was taken in possession of a Horse Creature that was Stolen from the deponant & further this deponant saith not.

John (his X mark) Fielder

We do certify the the above John Fielder was served & interrogated before us at the Dwelling House of Robert Edmondson in the County of Davidson District of Mero & State of Tennessee the 2nd day of December 1800.

E. Gamble J. P (seal)
B. D. Willis J.P. (seal)

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