Elizabeth Benge Lewis Fielder, 1800 Deposition, Davidson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee   )
Davidson County    )

"In obedience to a commission to us directed from the Hon'ble Judges for the Superior Court of Law & Court of Equity held for the district of Salisbury & State of North Carolina, we have proceeded to take the deposition of Elizabeth FIELDER of lawfull age in a certain matter of controversy in said Court defending, wherein, Jonathan HAINES as the next friend of the orphans of William RIDGE is plaintiff, & William T LEWIS, William COOK & others are defendants, and being duly sworn agreeable to Law, deposeth & sayeth that she lived in the neighbourhood of William T LEWIS & William RIDGE in Surry County North Carolina twenty odd years ago & in the year 1780. Also know that Godfrey RIDGE son to William RIDGE was a Balloted man into the nine months service & refused to march which this deponant understood subjected him to serve in the Continental Service for three years of during the war, this Deponant further says, that William RIDGE gave to William T LEWIS, SAL & NAN, two of the Negroes now in dispute fro him the said LEWIS to inlist [sic] & put a man in the Continental Service, in the place of his son Godfrey RIDGE, this Deponant further sayeth that the said LEWIS did do it, & that she this deponant saw the said Inlisted Soldier marching in said Service in the room & place of the said Godfrey & that said Godfrey then remained at home & was not  compelled after that to serve.

"This deponent further sayeth that she is well acquainted with two other children of William RIDGES that is not named in the complainants Bill (viz.) Godfrey RIDGE & NANCY his eldest children. This deponant sayeth & she understood that William RIDGE gave Thomas AYERES a Bill of Sale for two other Negroes now in dispute (viz) CATE & her child JIM for his wife to doctor a Daughter that was afflicted with pains & that William T LEWIS did purchase said negroes of AYRES.

"This deponant sayeth that she lived a near neighbour to William RIDGE & William T LEWIS & that she never had been or heard of a man by the name of Thomas RIDGE until after the Battle of Kings Mountain which was long after the Contract was made by William RIDGE & William T LEWIS for SAL & NAN two of the Negroes now in dispute which was long after William RIDGE had left the Country, joined the Torys & was said to be kill'd.

"This deponant further sayeth that said Thomas RIDGE burnt a mans house in Wilks County No Carolina & was reported to be the most theiving & villianous man upon earth which she had no right to doubt, that being his true character

"Question asked in behalf the Defendants, do you know anything of the Character of Thomas COODY William COODY Godfrey COODY John COMBS William COMBS Mason COMBS or the Characters of the CODY'S & COMB'S in general If you do relate it.

"Ans'r They were all called enemys to their country & that they had left the neighbourhood & joined the Tory party (that is part of them) & that Biram COMBS & Jeremiah COMBS in particular were at the murder of a man in Mecklenburg County No Carolina said to be upon their return from an Excurtion in behalf of the Torys

"Question the 2nd by the defendants, do you know of William RIDGE having any other children than what is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complaint,

"Ans'd I was acquainted with his son Godfrey RIDGE & his daughter called NANCY that was always considred his children, & by him treated as such

"Question th 2rd by the defendants was not your Husband John FIELDER robbed by Nicholas COMBS John GOINGS & others

"Ans'd He was

"Question the 4th by the defendants, Was not your husband plundered of two Horse Creatures by the Torys, if so say by whom

"Ans'd He was, one was taken in the possession of Jno. COMBS son of William & the other was sent home by that family. And further I sayeth not.

Elizabeth (her E mark) FIELDER

We hereby certify that the within Elizabeth FIELDER was sworn & interrogated before us at the dwelling of Robert EDMONDSON esquire in Davidson County District of Mero & State of Tennessee this 7th day of December 1800


References Cited

NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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