Capt. Alexander Gordon, 1802 Deposition, Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Georgia    )
Oglethorpe County     )

"In Obedience to a commission from the Hon'ble the Judges of the Superior Court of Law and Court of Equity held for the district of Salisbury in the State of North Carolina, we have proceeded to take the deposition of Cap't ALEXANDER GORDIN in a suit now depending in said Court of Equity, wherein JONATHAN HAINES as the next friend of the Orphins of WM RIDGE is plaintiff, and WM T. LEWIS, WILLIAM COOK and others are defendants.

Which is as follows. Cap't ALEXANDER GORDIN maketh oath that he lived in North Carolina all the course of the last war and that he was well acquainted with WM T LEWIS and with two Negro girls that was called SALL and NAN and that he always understood that he had got them of WM RIDGE for putting a man into the Continental Servis to clear his son GODFRE RIDGE who was a drafted nine months man and failed to march which subjected him to serve in the Continental Servis for three years or during the war. And this deponant well remembers to see one of the girles in the possession of Major WM T LEWIS in the year 1780. This deponant further sayeth that he well remembers that WM T LEWIS was robed in the fall 1780 and that he supposed that he had lost the Bill of Sale that he had got of WM RIDGE for said two Negrows and that he afterwards understood that he had got another of JOHN FIELDER WINNEY RIDGE wife to WM RIDGE and GODFRE RIDGE the eldest son to WM RIDGE. This deponant further sayeth that he understood by ZACH RAY Esq'r that he had at the time that WM T LEWIS was robed that he put up in bundles a great many of said LEWIS' papers and took them to said LEWIS'S fathers and that LEWIS informed him himself that some years after that he had found the olde original Bill of Sail amongst some old pay roles that was at his fathers that was taken there by Mr. RAY.

This deponant further sayeth that he has ever understood that THOMAS AYRES got of WM RIDGE a negro wench by the name of CATE and her child by the name of GIM for Mrs. AYRES the wife of THOMAS AYRES to undertake and Doctor a child of said WM RIDGES that was veary much afflicted with paines and further this deponant sayeth not. Sworn to and subscribed before us Two of the Justices of the peace in and for the County of Oglethorpe and State of Georgia at the House of said ALEXANDER GORDIN this 6th day of March 1802.

Alex'r Gordon

Wm Strother J. P. (seal)
And'w Bell J. P. (seal)

We the subscribing Justices in and for the County of Oglethorp in the State of Georgia do hearby certify that the fourgoing deposition of Cap't ALEXANDER GORDIN was taken before us at his own house this 6th day of March 1802 in witness whereof we have hearunto set our hands and affixed our seals this day and date above mentiond.

Wm Strother J. P. (seal)
And'w Bell J. P. (seal)

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NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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