John Jones, 1804 Deposition, Jefferson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee    )
Jefferson County      )

In Obediance to a Commission so Directed from the Honorable the Judges of the Superior Court of  law and Court of Equity held for the district of Salisbury and State of No Carolina we have proceeded to take the deposition of John JONES of lawful age in a certain Matter of controversy in the said Court of Equity depending wherein Jonathan HAINS as the next friend fo the orphans of William RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T Lewis and others are defendants and he being sworn agreeable to law deposeth and saith that some time in the month of June in the Year 1780 that he this deponent was sent for to old Mason COMBS to a bill of sale for a certain Negro Wench by the name of CATE and her Child JIM and saith he went and wrote the Bill of Sale for said Negroes and left it there in order for William RIDGE to assign as said William RIDGE was at that time afraid to appear in pubblick as this deponant was informed. This deponant saith the Bill of Sale was from William RIDGE to Thomas AYRS.

This deponant further saith that some time in June 1780 one of the Negroes now in dispute named NANN was then in possession of Wm T. LEWIS and that he understood that the Negro named SALL was not delivered to said LEWIS but that when Capt. CLOUD was in pursuit of the Tories this deponant understood said CLOUD got this Negro in his (CLOUDS) possession and that Wm T LEWIS did not get her in his possession until some time between October 1780 and February 1781.

This depoant saith the understood that Wm T LEWIS had hired a man in the room of Godfrey RIDGE to serve in the army and saith he never understood that Godfrey RIDGE was ever compelled or did serve in the army.

Question first asked the deponant. Do you know any thing of a certain John COMBS, Mason COMBS, William COMBS, Biram COMBS, Jerimeah COMBS, Thomas CODEY, Godfrey CODY, William CODY, John STACY or the Characters of the COMBS, CODYS or STACYS in General if you do relate them.

Answer. they were generally disaffected and the most of them took and active part with the British in the American war and saith this from the best information Jeremiah COMBS and Biram COMBS were murderers and they were generally counted dishonest men.

Question 2d. Asked the deponant. Do you know any thing of any other Children of William RIDGE than is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complaint.

Answer I do there was Godfey RIDGE and Nancy RIDGE wife of John FEILDER.

Question 3d. Asked deponant Do you or do you think that the recovery that was made by William COOK and Jonathan HAINS against William T. LEWIS as guardians of the Children of William RIDGE in the County Court of Surry in North Carolinia was the worth of CATE and her three Children that is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complaint.

Answer I consider that 270 is more than they were worth and further this deponant saith not.

Sworn and Subscribed before us this 31st day of July in the year of our Lord 1804.

John Jones

Ebinezer Leith J.P. (seal)
Abed Inman J. P.

We the subscribing Justice of the Peace for Jefferson County before whome the deposition of John JONES was taken in the suit depending in the Court of Equity for the district of Salisbury and State of No. Carolinia wherein Jonathan HAINS as the next friend of the orphans of Wm RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T LEWIS and others are defendants do certify that the said deposition was taken in the County of Jefferson and at the Court house of said County and in the State of Tennessee on the 31st day of July in the year of our Lord 1804 Guven under our hands and seals this day and year above written.

Ebinezer Leith J. P.(seal)
Abed Inman J. P. (seal)

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