Patience Jones, 1804 Deposition, Jefferson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

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In Obedience to a Commission to us directed from the Honorable the Judges of the Supr Court of Law and Equity held for the district of Salisbury in the State of No Carolinia we have proceeded to take the Deposition of Mrs. Patience JONES in a certain matter of controversy in the said Court of Equity depending wherein Jonathan HAINS as the next friend of the Orphans of William RIDGE Plaintiff and William T LEWIS and others are defendants and being sworn agreeable to law deposeth and Saith that in the Spring of the Year 1780 She this deponant understood that William RIDGE gave Thomas AYRS a Negro woman by the name of CATE and her Child by the name JIM for Elener AYRS wife of Thomas AYRS a doctress to undertake and Doctor a Daughter of said RIDGES that was then afflicted with pains further Saith she well knew that Mrs. AYRS did Doctor Said Girl a daughter of said RIDGES a very Considerable time and that Thomas AYRS son Elisha AYRS was sent from Surry County to Caswell County to a Doctor BRYAN for a quantity of medicine S__ has Mrs. AYRS thought to be best to give the Child to restore her to her health again. She further saith that the mother of said Child some time after told this deponant that the Child had recovered her strength and that the pains were entirely relieved, but that the Child caught cold and that she had a weakness in that part where the pain lay, and wanted Mrs. AYRS to undertake to strengthen th__ her part that the pain lay in. Mrs. AYRS asked Mrs. RIDGE if the bargain that was first made respecting the Child was not fully complied with. It was answered by Mrs. RIDGE that it was, and that the Negroes that William RIDGE gave Thomas AYRS was said AYRS. let them be where they wood s__   m__ing CATE and her Child JIM. This deponant further saith that she knows that Mrs. AYRS visited said Child every other day for a verry considerable time at the distance of one and a half miles or sent this deponant herself with medicine, and directions how to administer them. This deponant further saidth that she allways understood that Mrs AYRS would not agree to make a perfect cure of the Child, had she would to the best of her skill and abillity to ease her pains and she further saith that she heard the mother of said Child say that Mrs. AYRS had done far more for the Child than she ever expected could be done. This deponant further saidth, that she has heard that a William McAFFEE has sworn that he should have been present and heard a conversation that should have been between Mrs. AYRS and Mrs RIDGE at the home of William RIDGE at one time and at the house of Old Mason COMBS at an other in the course of a few days of each other and that this should have been in the last of February or the first of March in the year 1780 which this deponant swares that Mrs AYRS was not in the country nor in the State of No. Carolinia at that time. This deponant further saith she is now aluding to a deposition that William McAFFEE a number of years ago when William McAFFEE was called upon as a witness in a suite depending in the County Court of Surry in North Carolinia that was instituted by William COOK and Jonathan HAINS guardians of the Children of William RIDGE against William T. LEWIS. This deponant further saith that she is well acquainted with the Negroes now in dispute (to wit) SALL, NANN, CATE and her children and that she is well knowing to William T. LEWIS being in possession of NANN in the month of June in the year 1780 as said Negr_ took her over the Yadkin River to the house of Said LEWIS and that she understood that William RIDGE had given said William T. LEWIS said NANN and SALL for him to find a man in the place of said William RIDGES son Godfrey RIDGE that was a balloted man in the nine months service and that Capt. CLOUD on Dan River in pursuit of Tories came across SALL and sent her to his house and that Wm T. LEWIS got her into his possession sometime in the fall 1780 or early in the year 1781 in consequence of said contract made with the aforesaid William RIDGE.

Question 1st.asked the deponant. do you know any thing of the Characters of John COMBS, William COMBS, Mason COMBS, Jerimiah COMBS, Biram COMBS, Thomas CODY, Godfrey CODY, William CODY, John STACY and William McAFFEE or the Character of the COMBS, CODEYS, STACYS or MCAFFEEs or their Characters in General if you do so relate them.

Answer that She understood that two of the COMBS was at the murder of a Mr. BRADLEY that they were disaffected to the American Cause in General and that the CODEYS and STACY were always counted dishonest that she understood they were Robbers and that if Wm McAFFEE swore to ___ she understood she this deponant declares he swore to a lie. This deponant further saith that she was informed by the children of William RIDGE deceased that William T Lewis had satisfied them in part or perhaps the whole as she does ot now particularly well remember.

Question 2d asked the deponant. do you know of any other Children of William RIDGES than is mentioed in the Complainants Bill of Complaint.

Answer I do. there was Godfrey RIDGE and Mary Nancy RIDGE now the wife of John FEILDERS in the State of Georgia.

Question 3d. asked the deponant. do you know anything of Nathan ALLEN supporting the children of William RIDGE after he said ALLEN married the widow of the said William RIDGE.

Answered I Suppose that he must Supported them about two years and that I do not know of his receiving anything for so doing.

Question 4th. Do you or do you not think that the recovery that was made by William COOK and Jonathan HAINS against Wm T. LEWIS as Guardians of the younger Children of Wm RIDGE in the County Court of Surry in No. Carolinia was the worth of CATE and her three Children that is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complaint.

Answered. I have understood that said William COOK and Jonathan HAINS received of William T LEWIS 270 and I know CATE to be a very Infirm Negro and as to the value of Negroes I am not a Judge and further this deponanat saith not.

Sworn to and Subscribed before us this 31st day of July in the year of our lord 1804.

Patience (her + mark) JONES
Ebenezer Leith J.P. (seal)
Abed Inman J.P. (seal)

We the subscribing Justices of the Peace for Jefferson County before whome this deposition of Mrs. Patience JONES was taken in the suit depending in the Court of Equity for the District of Salisbury and State of North Carolinia wherein Jonathan HAINS as the next friend of the Orphans of William RIDGE is plantiff and Willaim T LEWIS and others are defendants do certify that the deposition of Mrs Patieince JONES was taken in the County of Jefferson and at the Court house of said County and in the State of Tennessee on the 31 day of July in the year of Our Lord 1804 Given and under our hand and seals this day and year above written

(seal) Ebenizer Leith J P (seal)
(seal) Abed Inman JP (seal)

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NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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