Joel Lewis, 1800 Deposition, Davidson County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee    )
Davidson County      )

In Obediance to a Commission to us direceted from the Hon'ble Judge of the Superior Court of Law & Court of Equity held for the district of Salisbury & State of North Carolina. We have proceeded to take the deposition of Coll. Joel LEWIS who deposeth & Sayeth that some time in the winter of the year one thousand seven hundred & eighty going to the House of Zachariah RAY was informed by said RAY that Godfrey RIDGE has passed that day over the river to Mason COMBS in the morning after he this deponant being a Continental Officer & said Godfrey being a delinquent from the nine months service went over the river & took him & brought him to said RAYS. Shortly after his father William RIDGE appeared & was Security for his Appearance at a certain time.

This deponant further says that William RIDGE applys to him to get him to furnish a man in the Service to clear his said son Godfrey, he having failed to appear the place of Rendezvouz which subjected him to Serve in the Continental Service for three years during the War as this deponant believes that was the Law. The deponant further sayeth that he refused to furnish a man to clear said Godfary, so he was afterward informed that his Brother William T. LEWIS had undertaken to put a man in said Godfeys place, in the Continental Service for three years or during the War, further understood that his Brother got two Negroe Girls now in dispute (viz) SAL & NAN for furnishing a man & clearing said RIDGE. futher sayeth that he knew it of his own knowledge that his Brother did furnish & put a man in Godfey RIDGE'S place for three years or during the War, & that said substitute Marched into the Service with said deponant.

And further Sayeth that he knoweth that the said William T. LEWIS Obtained a discharge for said RIDGE from a Continental Field Officer, & that he the said RIDGE from said discharge remained at home from said Service, in which he was compelled before that to serve. And further Sayeth that he knows the said LEWIS was in possession of the aforesaid Negro Girl NANN in the year One Thousand Seven hundred & eighty. Further said deponant that the said William T. LEWIS Claimed the other Negro Girl Sal that she was as this deponant understood in time of our Trouble with the Torys taken off by one Joseph CLOUD in the year one Thousand Seven Hundred & eighty to Dan river & said William T. LEWIS got an order sometime in the winter of the year aforesaid from Coll. Martin ARMSTRONG then Coll. of the County to go & take her from said CLOUD & that deponant went with said LEWIS afterwards & got her which Negros (viz) SAL & NAN has been in his possession ever since.

Question behalf of the defendant do you know the Characters of  Thomas COODY, William COODY, Godfrey COODY, John COMBS, William COMBS, Mason COMBS or the Characters of COODY, COMBS in General. If you do relate it.

Answer, The COMBSES and COODIES were Torys and known Enemies to their Country and farther it was reported Aberam and Jeremiah COMBS was at the murder of a certain BRADLEY of Mecklenburg County of the State of North Carolina.

Question the 2nd do you know of any other children of William RIDGE that what is mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complaint. If you do mention their names.

Answer I understand that Godfrey RIDGE and Nancey FIELDER are not mentioned in the Complainants Bill, but they were calld the Children of William RIDGE and I believe were ever acknowledged by him to be his children

Question the 3d. Was it not reported at the time John COMBS Senior left Surry County that he took off a hog that was not his property.

Answer, it was.


E. Gamble J. P. (seal)
B. D. Wills J. P. (seal)

We do Certify that the above Joel LEWIS was sworn & interogated before us at the dwelling home of Robert Edmondson Esq'r in the County of Davidson District of Mero & State of Tennessee this 2 d day of December 1800

State of Tennessee
Davidson County

Col'o Joel LEWS not be interogated on this following question on the first of the present month at Robert EDMONSONS Esq'r where his deposition was taken in the sute wherein Jonathan HAINES as the next frind of the Orphins of Wm RIDGE is plantiff and Wm T LEWIS Wm COOK and others are defendants in the Court of Equaty and District of Salisbury is now depending and said LEWIS now being sworn agreeable to law the following question was asked him.

Question did you receive a Commission signed by Joseph WILLIAMS Clerk of the County Court of Surry to have the deposition of Stadge COOK taken in a sute that was depending in said Court brought by Wm COOK and Jonathan HAINES as the gardins of the Heirs of Wm RIDGE as plantiffs and Wm T LEWIS defendant if you did relate evearything you know relative thereto.

Answered by this deponant. I did. I received a Commission some time in the month of March 1790 in behalf of Wm T LEWIS to take the deposition of Stadge COOK in said sute depending which there was a notice to said COOK and HAINES that Wm T LEWIS mint to take the depositions of sundre wtinesses in said sute depending at Green Court House on the 20th day of March in said month-Thuis deponant sayeth that said Stadge COOK attended at the Court House in Green County North Carolina and being solomny sworn deposed and said that he was at the House of Wm T LEWIS's in Surry County North Carolina on the 5th day of My 1780 when and where he saw Wm RIDGE execute and deliver to Wm T LEWIS a Bill of Sail for two Negro girls now in dispute (to wit) SAL and NAN and that the following certificate is on the Back of the identical Bill of Sail proven by him Signed by the Justices before whome his deposition was taken.

Green County
North Carolina
The withnin Bill of Sail is the identical Bill of Sail that is proven before us at Green Court House on the 20th of March 1790 by Mr. Stadge COOK one of the suscribing witnessesAs witness our hands this date above.
Joseph Hardin J. P.
David Russell J. P.
And further this deponant saith not.


We do certify that the above Joel LEWIS has been duly sworn & Interrogated before us at the house of John CHILDRESS on the 6th day of December 1800.

Ed. Gamble J. P. (seal)
Rob't Hewitt J.P. (seal)

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