Deposition Captain Salathiel Martin, 1806 Claiborne County, Tennessee

Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge

State of Tennessee )
Clabourn County

By virtue of a commission to us derected from the Honorabell Superior Corte of law and Equity for the Destrict of Salesbeary State of No. Carolina bearing date the 19th Day of September one thousand eight hundred and six by Ma Chambers E. M. Eq. in a certain cause wherin RIDGES orphans by there next friend Jonathan HAINES is Plantiff and William T. LEWIS and others are Defendants-

We John WORD & William RASH Justices assigned to keep the peace for the county and State first above mentioned have cause Salathiel MARTIN to com before us this seventh day of July in the year of our Lord 1806 and being sworn on the Holey Evingelists of Almity God Did depose and say that he Salathiel MARTIN of lawful age that to the best of his rememberance in the year 1778 or before there was an act of Assembly of the State of No Carolina for the purpose of Balloting into the Continental Service for the space of nine months that he then was the Capten of a company of Militia Soldiers in the County of Surry and State of No Carolina and that he received orders from his Colonel of said County of Surry to parade with his company at the Corthouse to cary the said act of assembly into effect which this deponent did and made his draft and that to the best of his recolection Godfrey RIDGE David RIGGS Michael HENDERSON George ROBERTS and William DAVIS was drafted as nine months Soldiers and that they all refused to goe into the Service but Michael HENDERSON and lay oute and would not march which subjected them to serve three years in the Continental Service as this Deponant beleaves was the act of assembly.

This deponant further saith that in the spring of the year 1780 that he this deponant was then informed that William RIDGE gave Wm T. LEWIS two Negro girles by the name of SALL and NANN two of the Negrows now in dispute for him said LEWIS to inlist and put a man into the Continental Service in the place of his son Godfrey RIDGE. This deponant further saith that he remembers that the said William T. LEWIS had the said Negrow girl NAN in his possession in the spring of the year 1780 in consequence of the bargain it was said he had made with the said William RIDGE and after this contract should have been made the said William T. LEWIS said and did affirm that he has put a man in Godfrey RIDGES place. This deponant as Capten of said company suffered said Godfrey RIDGE to remain at home which he would not before have don[e] coul[d] he have taken him.

Question 1st. Do you no any thing Thomas RIDGE or his Carrecter- Answer Thomas RIDGE never belonged to my company as I recolect nor do I beleave that he was for may years in Surry County only as a transiant person untill after the death of William RIDGE in 1780 after the battel at kings mounten no[r] do I beleave he could know any thing of the contract between William T LEWIS and William RIDGE only by hearsay for said Negros. Thomas RIDGES charecter was not of the best in the County wen [sic] I was acquainted with him. He was said to have a connection with bad men.

Question 2'd. do you know any thing of the carrector of John COMBS William COMBS Mason COMBS Biram COMBS Jeremiah COMBS Thomas CODY Godfrey CODY William CODY or John STACY or any of them. Answer. I beleave that thay were all relations of William RIDGE by marrige and also was counted disafected to the amarican cause- that the most of the took an active part with the British and som[e] of them murdered a sertin [sic] Francis Bradly in Mecklenburg County No Carolina that is Godfry RIDG Biram COMBS and Jeremiah COMBS as thay returned home from the british camps.

Question 3'd. Do you know any thing of William COOKS giveing one of the Negroes returned by Nathan ALLIN in the schedule after he had married the widow of William RIDGE to the County of Surry. Answer. There was a Negro fellow named JACK that William COOK some time after the said ALLIN married the widow of William RIDGE he the said COOK was appointed Guardian to said RIDGES children and that he sold said Negrow fellow JACK for the purpose of gitting a peace of land to supporte said children.

Question the 4th. Do you know of any other children of William RIDGES that now is mentioned in the complainants Bill. Answer. I do there was two of the oldest children of William RIDGE that was not mentioned in the Complainants Bill of Complante to wit Godfrey RIDE and Nancy RIDGE and som others said all to be base begotten children that is not begotten in wedlock.

Question the 5th. Do yo[u] know any thing of Nathan ALLINS supporting the children of William RIDGE after the said ALLIN married the said widow.

Answer. Said ALLEN after intemarrying with said widow of said RIGE supported the children aboute two years and received nothing for it as ever I heard of except an olde horse he took away with him.

Question the 6th. Do you not remember to hear that in the year 1780 when John GOINGS robed Wm T. LEWIS one of the present defendents that said LEWIS supposed he had lost a bill of Sale he had got of William RIDGE for the before mentioned two Negroes SALL and NAN- Answer. I did at that to have heard and did you or did you not gear that the said William T LEWIS had applied to Winefred RIDGE wife of William RIDGE deceased John FIELDER son in law to William RIDGE Godfrey RIDGE son of said William RIDGE for them to give a second bill of sale for said SAL and NAN in consequence of his supposing he had lost the first. He said LEWIS supposing them as he said the only persons that had the mannagement of his William RIDGES affaires thay did give said LEWIS a bill of sale for said Negroes SALL and NAN. Answer I understood so

Question the 7th. Do you or do you not think that the recovery that was made by William COOK and Jonathan HAINES Gardianes of the children of William RIDGE deceased against William T LEWIS County Court of Surry No Carolina that the amount of said judgment was the worth of KATE and her three children that is mentioned in the Complanants Bill.

Answer. I doe think it was the vallue of KATE and her children at that time and I understood that the said LEWIS did pay up the said Judgment.

Question the 8th. have you or have yo[u] not known Reziah JARVES of Surry County No Carolina. Answer. I have known him upwards of thirty years. Do you conceive him to [be] friendly to William T. LEWIS one of the presant defendant. Answer. I do no[t] he is not I have known them to dispute frequently and I do beleave he would do him all the injury he could in carrying on any thing that the said JARVIS thought was not right and honest- all the before mentioned questions were all asked by Wm T LEWIS in a former deposition taken by him.

Question the 1st. by the Plantiff. Did you or did you not no of anny bargain tha should hav been made by William RIDE and William T LEWIS of your own knowledge of any Negroes. Answer. I never did only from the reporte of William T LEWIS and his brothers.

Question the 2nd. Did you ever know that William T LEWIS did put a man into the serves in the roome of Godfrey RIDGE. Answer. I did not only he tolde me he had.

Question the 3rd. Do you think there could be full faith and credit paid to Michael BACON and Isbel BACON his wife when on their oath. Answer. I do not think there could.

Question the 4th. Do you know of your own knowledge how William T L. came in possession of the Negroes now in dispute with said LEWIS and Jonathan HAINES. Answer. I do not only by hearsay and further the s'd deponant saith not.

Subscribe and sworn to the 7th day of July at the house of Salathiel MARTIN in Powels Valey in the State of Tennissee in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & six.

Salathiel Martin

John Word (seal)
William Rusk (seal)
Justices of the peace for Claiborne County

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NC State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co., NC, Folder: William Ridge (1785)

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