William Ridge, Loose Estate Records (1785), Surry County, North Carolina

Account Ledger of William Cook

(Endorsement)  Report of Committee on William Ridges Estate Aug 1786. Recorded.

(Header) The Estate of William Ridge, Dec'd

1786 Dec 1st.

To the following articles furnish'd the Widow and Orphans with to wit ,  Pound-Shilling-Pence
To 4 Barrels of Corn at 20/ Bar'.,      4 - 0- 0
To fodder to winter cow and calf     0-10-0
To 2 Broad Hoes 10/ Each    1-0-0
To 2 1/2 Bushels Potaotoe Plantings @ 4/      0-10-0
To Paid Sheriff the tax on 200 acres, tax Land for 3 years at 5/ Poll year  0-15-0
To Paid Sheriff his tax on 200 acres of 3 years           0-12-0
For 1 Bush'l salt 16/ & 1 bush corn 4/             0-8-0
To 2 1/2 bushels of Corn at 3/ Bushel          0-7-6
To 2 Bushels of Wheat at 4/       0-8-0


To Travelling to Montgomery Court house in Virginia to take Depo's Wit. 5 Days at 8/ Day  2-0-0
To travelling to State Georgia to take Depositions 17 Days at 8/ Day  6-16-0

1790 Feb 20

To travelling to Henry County Virginia to take Depo's 3 Days at 8/ Day (unreadable)

1788 Aug'st 9

To Paid Rezia Jervis for sum of five witnesses to take Depo's  0-10-0
To Paid Lawyer Sharp 1/2 of his fee  1-0-0

1790 Nov Term

To Paid the following witnesses agreeable to Order of Court
Joseph Murphy 48 miles 8 days  3-2-8
Richard Murphy 120 miles 11 do  �1-14-4
Rezia Jervis 128 miles 13 do �3-14-8
West Moseley  30 miles 7 do  �1-168
Zachariah Ray 60 miles 6 do �2-0-08
Jas. M. Lewis 290 miles 12 do 4/ cost �6-9-4
Wm Silby  41 miles 9 do 4/do cost �2-11-8
James Todd 90 miles 10 do  �3-4-8
William Johnson 22 miles 11 do  �2-4-8
Jeffery Johnson 22 miles 12 do  �2-12-8
James Gaines 80 miles 2 do  �1-10-0
Joseph Cloud  120 miles 3 do �2-4-9
Elihu Ayres 36 miles 3 do  �2-14-2
William McFee 70 miles 5 do  �1-19-0

                    1223       130        �63-0-0

(next page) William Cook Guardian to Ridges Orphans

1791 April 2d

To a Judgement obtain'd against Wm T. Lewis at Nov Court Last   �27-0-0

Accounting of a Committee to Settle the Estate of William Ridge, Surry County Court, August 1786

Whereas Winnyford ALLEN heretofore known by the name of Winnyford RIDGE Admin. of the goods and chattals of William RIDGE, Dec'd have never made any sale of s'd goods &c, Therefore hath been cited together with her Securities (to wit) Abraham CRESON, James JONES, John ALLEN Hon. & Rezia JERVIS to render an acc't of sd Estate & according to her return on oath by the Inventory is as follows (to wit) nine negro's, four of which at that time in her Possession (to wit) Jack, Cate, James, & Kezia.  Three in the possession of Wm T. LEWIS (to wit) Sal, Nan & Tilley, Two carried away by John FIELDER (to wit) Hannah & Phillis (which Negros Hannah sd Winniford confessed she sold to sd FIELDER for the sum of fifty pounds specie.) Four head of horses, one in possession of Wm T. LEWIS, two taken by Capt. MERRIDETH, twelve head of cattle all destroy'd but one, eight head of sheep, two sold, two in possession & the rest lost, two feather beds, two linen wheels, a loom, three slays, two pewter dishes, one bason & four plates, one iron Pott & own plow.

It appears to your committee appointed to settle with sd Winniford and her securities that the estate above mention'd was in the possession of the above persons named in the above inventory on the second Monday in Aug't 1785.  At which session Nathan ALLEN was appointed guardian for Mary, Elisabeth, Cithy, William & Thomas and Winniford RIDGE, orphans of the sd William RIDGE dec'd and as no sale had been made said ALLEN as an Adm'r enter'd into bonds and gave Wm. T. LEWIS, Mason COMBS, Wm. N. COOK, & others securities.  And on said Nathan ALLENS return on oath he being cited thereto by order of our sd Court, the return is as follows (to wit) four negroes, Cate, Jack, James and Kezia, which it appears to us is now in the possession of Wm T. LEWIS Esq'r. with a child born to negro wench Cate, Except Jack, which is in the possession of the late guardians of sd orphans (to wit) William COOK, Esq'r & Jonathan HAINES, ALLEN also return'd one horse, two feather beds & three head of cattle.

Therefore it appeas to us your Committee that at this time there is only one negro Jack in the possession of the late Guard's COOK & HAINES and in the possession of Sd Winniford ALLEN two  feather beds two linnen wheels, one loom three slays, two pewter dishes, one bason & four plates one pott & one plow.

Aug't Term 1786  We your Committee appointed to settle with the Admr's & her secur's of the estate of Wm RIDGE Dedc'd also with the securitieis of Nathan ALLEN guardian of sd orphans of sd RIDGE Dec'd on a citation for a settlement. And finds the above to be a true statement of the case and in whose hands the Bal. of sd estate goods & C now is.


Superior Court, Salisbury, NC

A Copy of the
Declaration in court
Cook & Haynes guar'n
vs Wm T Lews


William Cook Esq'r and Jonathan Haynes guardians of William Ridge, Thomas Ridge, Mary Ridge, Elizabeth Ridge, Sythe Ridge and Winneford Ridge orphans of William Ridge deceased complain of William Terril Lewis esquire in custody &c for has whereas he said William Ridge deceased during his life time (to wit) on the first day of January 1785 in the County of Surry was possessed of the following negro slaves to wit, Kate and her three children, Sal and her two children and Nan, and her children born afterwards of his own proper negro slaves good & chattels which said negro slaves are since the death of the said William the right and property of his said children by distribution and they being possessed of the same afterwards (to wit) on the first day of January 1781 at the County aforesaid the same negro slaves out of his hands and possession they usually lose which said negro slaves to the hands and possession of the said Wm T Lewis Esq'r. by finding came on the same day and year and in the County aforesaid yes to restore the same he hath altogether refused and still doth refuse though often thereto required and although he will know he promises  but on the same day and year and in the County aforesaid converted the same to his own use to the damage of the said orphans the sum o f three thousand pounds for which the said guardians being said &c
I hereby certify the avoe to be a true copy
Test. Jo Williams CC

Dear Sir,

I have sold my land yesterday and I expect to move to Georgia next fall and under that consideration I have agreed with Wm LEWIS that his appeal stop and the Judgement lye, one execution to issue he given up a horse �30 value and is to pay about �120 more immediately and the remainder which will be about �150 more to lie in his hands untill next February Term on interest. I hope no person will blame me. I have endeavored to do my duty as a guardian in behalf of the orphans, and as I am about to remove I wish to get rid of law and suite all my affairs in peace for I am truly tired of contention. I am with respect

Yours, &
William COOK

Feb 23, 1791

24th February 1791. This day I have delivered the above letter to the Clerk of Surry and do agree to the above contents so far as to pay all up at the expected times mentioned in the said letter agreeable to the Judgement of Surry court in said suit, I therefore decline carrying up with appeal.


Test: Jo Willliams, CC
I hereby certify the above to be a true copy.
Test Rob't Williams, assistant clerk to Jo Williams CC

August Term 1791 A List of Rec't of Money Rec'd of Wm. T LEWIS in Consequence of a Judgement obtained against him at November Court last in a suit Wm COOK & Jonathan HAINES Guardians of the Orphans of Wm RIDGE Dec'd Plaintiff and Wm T LEWIS Esq Def't is as follows

The first Feby 26th 1791 of Fifty pounds
2'd of April 1st 1791 of Seventy nine pounds 11/3
3'd of Aug't 5th 1791 of Forty three pounds 10/

Rec'd by me
Wm COOK, Guar'n



173:1 :3

Test Jo Williams

Surry County August term 1791. I hereby Certify the aten__ to be a true copy of a list of Rec'ts acknowledged in Court by Wm COOK & ordered to be Recorded

Test. Jo Williams, CC

A List of Copies delivered Jonathan HAINES from Surry Office Aug

No 1 Pet'n for Adm on Wm RIDGEs Estate & bond. on Stamp
2 Ditto letter of Administration. without stamp
3 Ditto Adm'tion bond on Common paper being drew ___ above
4 Ditto Inventory of said Estate
5 Ditto Winna RIDGE Jno FIELDER & Godfrey RIDGE to Wm T LEWIS Bill of Sale
6 Ditto Nathan ALLEN appointed Guardian to RIDGES orphans
7 Ditto do Guardian bond
8 Ditto Order & bond of Nathan ALLEN's Adm'r delivered by ___
9 Ditto Winna ALLENS Affidavit
10 Ditto Order for Citation v Nathan ALLEN & wife as Adm'r & Citation v Nathan as Guardian
11 Ditto Wm COOK & Jon HAINES appointed appointed Guardians
12 Ditto Report of a Committee
13 Ditto Appointing persons to take the orphans into possession
14 Ditto Writ COOK & HAINES v Wm T LEWIS
15 Ditto Declaration is said Suit
16 Ditto of Judgement v LEWIS
17 Ditto Wm COOKS letter to the Clerk of the Court
18 Ditto List of Receipts given by Wm COOK to Wm T LEWIS

State of North Carolina )
Surry County )

I Joseph Williams Clerk of the County Court of Surry aforesaid do hereby certify that I have particularly searched the minutes of dockets of said Court from the commencement of the year 1780 to the end of the year 1795 containing 16 years. And that the above copies from No 1 to 18 inclusive contain every thing relative to William RIDGES Estate that I do find on said minute dockets, except a Bill of Sale from Wm RIDGE to Wm Terrel LEWIS, which was proved at November term 1790 by James M. LEWIS & certified & returned which is out of my power to get a copy of. And also a deed from Wm COOK to RIDGES orphans and a Bill of Sale from Winna ALLEN & Wm COOK to Benjamin HEARNDON the two latter I do not conceive has any relation to the dispute now in Salisbury Superior Court between Jon' HAINES as guardian against Wm Terrel LEWIS & others. Therefore have not ordered copies thereof. In testimony whereof I do hereunto set my hand and have offered the Seat of the said County to the same this 15th day of March at 1802.

Jo Williams CC

Note: COOK & HAINES' Guardian )
Bonds not copied at large )


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