Jacob and Elizabeth Correll
of Dutch Buffelow Creek
 Rowan County, North Carolina

Jacob and Elizabeth Correll. Jacob Correll, one of three early Corrells in Rowan County, lived on Dutch Buffelow Creek in 1778 (1):

7 March 1778 George Lewis Barger and George Roseman enters 640 acres in Rowan County on waters of Dutch Buffelow Creek bordering Philip Yeost, Jacob Correll & John Benfield, formerly surveyed for William Robinson and sold to Michael Barger.

Jacob's land was adjacent to John and Mary Correll of Dutch Buffelow Creek. Jacob and John Correll were on the tax list of Captain Bergers Company in 1778. John, Peter, and Jacob Correll served in the Salibury Militia in 1778 (2).

1778 Rowan County, NC Tax List of Capt. [George Henry] Berger
    Corral, John  pounds-122:10
    Corral, Jacob

1778 Rowan County, NC Militia, Account of names who kept guard at the Gaol
     Aug 22: Peter Corl
    Aug 23: John Correll

1784 Rowan County Tax List of Capt. Gimmengar's Company
    Jacob Correll, 1 White Poll, 282 acres
    Peter Corl, 1 White Poll, 150 acres

Jacob Correll and his wife Elizabeth sold their 280 acre tract to John Adam Correll in 1787 (3).

This indenture made the eleventh day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighty seven between Jacob Correll and Elizabeth his wife of the County of Rowan and State of North Carolina of the one party & John Adam Correll of the County and State afores'd of the other party Witnesseth that the said Jacob Correll & Elizabeth his wife for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & eighty pounds...all that tract or parcel of land situate lying & being in the County of Rowan and on the waters of Buffaloe Creek. Beginning at a persimon sapling John Corrells corner on Robert Woods line & runs along said Corrells line east 38 ch's 50 links to a stake on John Eagles line thence along said Eagles line south 6 ch's & 20 links to a black oak s'd Eagles corner thence along his line east 2 ch's & 50 links to a black oak Phillip Bergers corner thence along his line south 67 ch's & 40 links to a post oak sapling thence west 30 ch's to a post oak on John Stigerwalts line thence along his line north 18 ch's & 50 links to a white oak s'd Stegerwalts corner thence along his line west 11 ch's to an ellum by a branch s'd Woods corner, thence along his line north to the beginning being by estimation two hundred & eighty acres...
[signed] Jacob Correl (seal)
       Lisebet Correl (seal)
[witness] John Correl

John Adam Correll sold 210 acres of this tract to John Stirewalt in 1794 (4). There are no further records about Jacob and Elizabeth on Dutch Buffelow Creek.


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