William Correll
of Crain and Dutch Buffelow Creeks,
 Rowan County, North Carolina

Deeds and Other Civil Records Establishing the Earliest Families

Wilhelm and Matholine Paulus Correll. William Correll owned land on Crane and Dutch Buffelow Creeks in Rowan County, located two farms north and west of the tracts owned by John and Mary Correll, and adjacent to Jacob Caster, Sr. Williams land was part of the Joseph Hays farm. William Correll later lived in Lincoln County, North Carolina, and was the brother of Philip Correll of Cold Water Creek, as stated by Philip in his Revolutionary War Pension Application in 1839 (1). Philip also stated that William was too young to be in the Revolutionary War and that William was age 74 in 1839, thus born approximately 1765.

The earliest record for William in Rowan County was his marriage bond to Matholine Paulus issued 15 November 1790 (2). John Correll was bondsman, and both John and William signed in German. A son, Henry, was born to William as recorded in at Lowerstone Church (3):

Heinrich Correll, birth 2 June 1793, parent: William Correll

William was the executor of the estate of Jacob Caster, Jr. in 1794 (4):

1794 February 4. Administration on the estate of Jacob Caster jur dec'd was granted to Michael Hyleigh & William Correll, who qualified and gave bond with Jacob Castor, security. Relinquishment of the Widow being made.

William was taxed in 1796 and 1798, but the tax was not returned to the assessor. William was on the latter tax roll with Adam Correll (5):

1796 Tax List of Richard Locke
    William Correll (not returned)

1798 Tax List of Capt. Richard Locke
    Correll, Adam, 213 acres, 1 White Poll
    Correll, William [blank]

Adam Correll's farm was 3 farms north and east of William's farm. William Correll sold his tract of 220 acres in 1798 to Philip Eagle (6).

This indenture made this nineteenth day of May one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight Between William Correll of Rowan County & State of North Carolina of the one part and Philip Eagle of the County and State aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds good & lawful money of the State of North Carolina in hand paid to the said Philip Eagle...that tract or parcel of land lying & being in the County of Rowan & State aforesaid on the Waters of Crain Creek & waters of Dutch Bufellow Beginning at  a hicory William Andersons corner & on Jacob Casters line & ___along said Casters line & past it North fifty three chains to a black oak on Nathaniel Johnstons line then along his line West fifteen chains to a hicory his corner then along his line North eight chains to a red oak then west two chains to a white oak then south forty four chains to a black oak then West twenty eight chains to a stake thence south forty five chains to a black oak on William Millers line thence along his line East ten chains to a Stake on William Andersons line thence along his line North twenty nine chains to a post oak his corner thence along his line East to the beginning containing by estimation two hundred & twenty acres...
[signed] Wilhelm Corrall (seal)
[witness] Rich'd Anderson, David Anderson

William Correll and brother Philip Correll witnessed a deed for Jacob Keever (Cever) to David Shulenberger in 1798 in Rowan County on both sides of Cold Water Creek (7). David Shulenberger was a brother of Sophia Shulenberger, first wife of Philip Correll. Jacob Keever was the husband of Catherine Shulenberger (b. 1768), aunt of Sophia and David Shulenberger. Catherine Shulenberger was from Greenwich Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and sister of Gerhardt Shulenberger (1735-1777) (wife Maria Christina Seifert) of Berks County. Gerhardt was the father of many of the early Rowan County Shulenbergers, including Gerhardt (Jr.) who married Mary Correll, David Shulenberger who married Eve Schmidt (Smith), Sophia Shulenberger who married Philip Correll, Frederick who married Coe Stirewalt and Mary Slough, and Christina who married Jacob Schmidt (Smith).

William Correll was in Cabarrus County, just south of Rowan by 1799 (8).

29 November 1799 William Holebrooks of Green County, Georgia, to William Correll, for 100 pounds, 100 acres on waters of Irish Buffelow Creek, joining John Baker, Veich Holebrook, William Holebrook and the Great Road from Paul Phifer's to Salisbury, part of 200 acres originally granted 4 March 1766 and conveyed by Samuel Patton to Martin Phifer, Sr, then to John Holebrooks 14 November 1777. Witnesses: Joshua Baker, John Baker. Proven April 1800.

Ten years after marrying, William and Matholine Paulus Correll had three sons (Henry, William, John) and one daughter (Mary Ann), living in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, just over the county line from Rowan County on the Irish Buffelow Creek land.

1800 US Census, Cabarrus County, NC
    p. 699
    William Correll    3mu10 [Henry, William, James], 1m26-45 [William b. 1755-1774]
                                1fu10 [Mary Ann], 1f26-45 [Matholine b. 1755-1774]

William Correll served on several juries in Cabarrus County between 1809 and 1815 (9).

1809 January, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, grand jury: William Carell.
1813 January, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, jury: William Correll.
1813 October, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, petit jury: William Carroll.
1815 January,
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, John Rumple, dec'd, widows third of land to laid off by ...William Correll..
1816 January, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions: William Correll.

In 1820, William and Margaret had two additional daughters and one son, their youngest, William, born c1802. Nearby was son John Correll, apparently married with two daughters and a teen-aged male living in the household.

1820 US Census, Cabarrus County, NC
p. 9
William Correll    1m16-26, 1m45+ [William b. bef. 1775]
                                2f10-16 [Sarah, Mary Ann], 1f45+
[Matholine, b. bef. 1775]
John Correll        1m16-18, 1m16-26 (?), 1m26-45
[b. 1775-1794]
                                2fu10 [Emeline], 1f16-26 [b. 1775-1794]

One daughter of William and Matholine Correll was Sarah Correll, who married Josiah Powers (bond 17 July 1824) in Cabarrus County. William Correll was the bondsman. Another daughter was Mary Ann Correll, who married William Kennerly.

William Correll was executor of John Correll Sr.'s estate in Iredell County in 1829 (10). John Correll Sr. and wife Mary had moved from Dutch Buffelow Creek, Rowan County to Iredell County. John referred to William as his "friend". Daughter Mary Ann Correll and husband William Kennerly lived in Iredell County.

1830 US Census, Iredell Co., NC
William Correll 1m60-70 [William], 1f60-70 [Matholine]
William Kennerly 1mu5, 2m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m30-40 [William], 1fu5, 2f5-10, 1f10-15, 1f30-40 [Mary Ann],

On 25 December 1818 James Correll married Betsy Shollenbarger in Rowan County. James and Betsy moved to Campbell County, Tennessee, by 1830, along with brother William Correll. James and Betsy later moved to Wayne County, Kentucky (17). James Correll was born 17 February 1797 and died 9 October 1867 according to his tombstone. Betsy was identified as a Shollenberger on her headstone (1 January 1798 - 7 February 1887). A son John was born in North Carolina in about 1826, suggesting that James and Betsy did not leave North Carolina until after 1826. It is probable that this James James was a son of William and Matholine Paulus Correll of Coldwater Creek, although proof is lacking, and previously I had assigned him as a son of Jacob Correll of Coldwater Creek. Also in Campbell County, Tennessee, in 1830 was William Correll, another son of William and Matholine Paulus Correll.

1830 US Census, Campbell County, Tennessee
p. 216 Jas Correll
    1mu5 [John], 1m5-10, 1m30-40 [James]
    1f10-15, 1f30-40 [Betsy Shollenbarger]

p. 222 William Correll
    1mu5, 1m5-10 [Jacob Addison], 1m20-30 [William]
    1fu5 [Elizabeth], 1f5-10 [C. Adeline], 1f20-30 [Margaret]

The younger William married Margaret Kluttz (some say Grots) and eventually resided in Warren County, Illinois. John and Elizabeth Klutz of Rowan County deeded land that was divided from the estate of Jacob Klutz, wherein the younger William and Margaret Correll were also allotted land (11), documenting that Margaret was a Kluttz.

1833 October 19 John Klutts & wife Elizabeth (as heirs of deceased Jacob Klutts) let Andrew Shuping of Rowan County, have their rights in 166 acres next to Caleb Shuping, Thomas Smith, John Freeze Sr, John Freeze Jr, Daniel Freeze (formerly) at he head of a branch for $113. This land had been allotted to them with William Correll and wife Margaret; deed acknowledged in court November 1833.

Philip Correll stated (1) in 1839 that his brother William Correll was living in Lincoln County, North Carolina and was age 74, and so born c1765. William was alive in 1840 in Lincoln County. This is the last record the author has for William Correll.

1840 US Census, Lincoln County, NC, p. 90
    William Correll 1m70-80 [b. 1760-1770], 1f50-60 [b. 1780-1790, wife or daughter?], 5 slaves

Son Henry and wife Annalina settled in Monroe County, Tennessee. James and Betsy settled in Wayne County, Kentucky,

1840 US Census, McMinn Co., TN
Henry Correll [Carrell] 1m10-15, 2m15-20, 1m40-50, 1fu5, 2f5-10, 2 f15-20, 1f40-50

1840 US Census, Wayne County, Kentucky
p. 303 James Kerrell 2mu5 [Elijah J., Gerhart], 3m10-15 [John S., William M., ?], 1m15-20 [Benjamin N.], 1m40-50 [James]
1fu5 [?], 1f5-10 [Sarah A.], 1f15-20 [Mary], 1f40-50 [Betsy Shollenbarger]

1850 US Census, Warren Co., Illinois
p. 70 980/980 William Correll 48 MW NC farmer
Margaret 45 FW NC
Elizabeth C 19 FW TN
John 17 MW TN farmer
James 14 MW IL
Mary Ann 11 FW IL
Sarah Jane 9 FW

Pg.71, #992, Adison Correll 27 MW NC farmer $750
Cordelia FW 26 VA
Richard H. 3 MW IL
Mary E. 1 MW IL

1850 US Census, Monroe Co., TN
Henry Correll 55 MW NC miller
Analiah 53 FW TN
Eli 22 MW TN
Elizabeth 18 FW TN
Ann 16 FW TN
Isabella 13 FW TN

Descendants of William Correll (not all children known)
1 William Correll b: Abt. 1765 in Berks Co., PA d: Abt. 1843 in Catawba Co., NC
+Matholine Paulus b: Bet. 1770 - 1774 in PA m: November 15, 1790 in Rowan Co, NC
2 John Correll b: Bet. 1790 - 1794 in Rowan Co., NC
2 Henry Correll b: Bet. 1793 - 1795 in Iredell Co., NC
........ +Annalina b: Abt. 1795 in NC
.... 2 Mary Ann Correll b: September 07, 1795 in Cabarrus Co., NC d: July 10, 1881
Burial: Prospect Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mooresville, Iredell Co., NC
........ +William Kennerly b: January 16, 1795 in Cabarrus Co., NC d: April 21, 1871
m: June 18, 1816 (bond) in Cabarrus Co., NC
Burial: Prospect Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mooresville, Iredell Co., NC
.... 2 James Correll b: February 17, 1797 in Rowan Co., NC d: October 09, 1867 in Wayne Co., KY
........ +Betsy Schuldenbarger b: January 01, 1798 in Rowan Co., NC d: February 07, 1887 in Wayne Co., KY
m: December 25, 1818 in Rowan Co., NC Father: Gerhart Shollenberger Mother: Mary Correll
.... 2 Sarah Correll b: Abt. 1800 in NC
........ +Josiah Powers b: Abt. 1800 in NC m: July 17, 1824 (bond) in Cabarrus Co., NC
.... 2 William Correll b: November 04, 1802 in Rowan Co., NC d: December 08, 1886 in Ellison, Warren Co., IL
Burial: Ellison Cemetery, Ellison, Warren Co., IL
........ +Margaret Grots or Kluttz b: March 02, 1803 in KY d: February 20, 1868 in Ellison, Warren Co., IL m: Abt. 1820
.... *2nd Wife of William Correll:
........ +Eliza Ann Conklin b: Abt. 1814 in CT m: May 20, 1869 in Ellison Twp, Warren Co., IL


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