1. Milly (Mildred) Melton; b c1780 Rutherford Co., NC; d 28 May 1865 Macon Co., NC; bur Welch Cemetery, Swain Co, NC;

married 9 Sept 1799, Rutherford Co., NC to David Alexander Welch

married 25 Oct 1829, Macon Co., NC to John Fergus

2. Reuben "Buck" MELTON

b c1746 Albemarle Co., VA

d 1825 Harrison Co., IN

m c1772 VA

3. Sarah JONES

b c1749

d c1823/7

4. William MELTON (IV)

b c1720/5 Albemarle Co., VA

d 14 Mar 1773 Albemarle Co., VA or

d 14 Feb 1772 Albemarle Co., VA

m 1745 Albemarle Co., VA

5. Letitia (Letty) WHITE

b 27 Jan 1736/7 Northern Neck, VA or

b 9 Apr 1733 Albemarle Co VA

d after 1785 Albemarle Co VA

8. William MELTON (III)

b c1698 Hanover Co., VA

d c1751-55 Hanover Co., VA

m c1718/20 Hanover Co., VA

9. Elizabeth FARR/PHARR

b c1698

d c1751-55 Hanover Co., VA

10. Jeremiah WHITE, Sr.

b 11 Nov 1695 Albemarle Co., VA

d 25 Nov 1776 Albem. Albemarle Co., VA

m 23 Oct 1726 Albemarle, VA

11. Mary MARTIN

b 19 Apr 1703/9 New Kent, VA

d 23 Sept 1796 Franklin CoGA

m 23 Oct 1726 Albemarle Co., VA

16. Richard MELTON

b c1670 Kent Co., VA

d c1719-30 Hanover Co., VA

m c1690

17. Mrs. Richard MELTON

d c1744-51 Hanover Co., VA

20. John WHITE, Jr

b 1663 Caroline Co., VA

d 9 Jun 1718 Franklin Co., GA

21. Mary ELBERT

b c1663

liv 11 Nov 1695 Albem. Co VA

22. John MARTIN

b 1683 King William Co., Va

d 25 Mar 1756 King William Co., Va

m 1703 VA

23. Lettitia (Elizabeth) LEWIS

b c1683

living 1703 New Kent Co., VA

32. William MELTON (II)

b c1647

40. John WHITE, Sr.

b c1633

42. Thomas ELBERT

44. Abram MARTIN

b 1642? Ireland

d 1711? York Co., VA

m New Kent Co., VA

45. Rebecca BELL

64. William MELTON (I)

b c1620 England

d Charles City, VA

80. William WHITE

b c1593 England

d 1658 York Co., VA

88. John MARTIN

b c1616 England

liv 1642 County Galway, Ireland

m England

89. Maude MARSHALL

128. Richard MELTON

b c1600 England

160. Peter WHITE

b c1530 England

d Brockman, England

161. Mary KEBBLE

320. __?__ WHITE

b c1512 England

living 1550 England

640. Thomas WHITE (Sir)

b 1492 England

d 1567 England

Much of the information was obtained through the kindness of Joseph E. and Nola A. Iverson Price, Pocatello, ID, and Jan McKenzie, They have collected this material from many sources.

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