State of North Carolina )
County of Macon )
On this 3d day of Nov A.D. 1853, personally appeared before me, J.R. Siler, a Justice of the Peace in and for the county & State aforesaid, Joseph Welch, Joel Sawyers & Alexander Crisp all of the aforesaid State & county, who make oaths that Milly Fergus, whose declaration is on file in the Department at Washington, is the identical person who was married to John Fergus, as per the marriage license on file with her Declaration; that she is the widow of the said John Fergus and has remained a widow since said John's death and that her maiden name was Miss Milly Melton then married to David Welch and after his decease married the said John Fergus.
Joseph Welch Joel Sawyer Alexander Crisp [his mark]
Sworn to and inscribed in presence of all on this, the 3 Nov 1853
J.R. Siler, J.P.

North Carolina )
Macon County )
On this 6th day of March 1868 appeared before me James McGhee, a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County, Thomas J. Welch, a son of Milly Furgus, late Revolutionary pensioner deceased of the County and State aforesaid, and an applicant for the arrears of pension due the deceased widow of John Furgus, and made oath in due form of law, to the following statements in compliance with the Court Pensions ____ of the 17th Oct on his application previously forwarded to his office.
This deponnent declares upon oath that his mother, Milly Furgus, late pensioner deceased, was the widow of John Furgus, and died on the 28th May 1865 leaving surviving his brother, David A. Welch, and himself who were, then and now, the only surviving children of said deceased
That their were three grand children whose parents died before his mother, but he had been informed it had long been the practice of the Office to pay the arrears of pensions due at the death of pensioners to his or her surviving children,
That the contents of his former application, referred to in said report, was read and fully made known to him before its execution, which was done in open court,
It is not mentioned whether the allowance is made payable to him as agent for his brother David A. Welch, or to him jointly as they do not reside a great way apart,
That his said mother never intermarried after the death of her said husband, John Furgus, on account of whose military service she was pensioned under Act of 3rd July 1853,
Subscribed and sworn to me this day and year first above written before me,
James McGhee, J.P.
Thomas J. Welch [his mark]
and witness J.R. Siler
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