The Gunter, Kirkland, Cornwell and Allied Families of Haywood, Macon, Cherokee, Jackson, Swain & Graham Counties, North Carolina

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Primary Individual Associated Surnames
CORNWELL, Elizabeth: Who Were the Parents of Elizabeth Cornwell?Bradshaw, Gunter, Reed, Stillwell, Swearingen, Welch
WALDROUP, Jeremiah, father of Manerva Semantha Gunter, and husband of Martha Ammons.Ammons, Gunter, Peak, Shockley, Waldroup
Waldroup, Jeremiah picture
KIRKLAND, William E: The Families of William E Kirkland of Macon and Swain Counties, North Carolina and Monroe County, Tennessee.  (updated 25 May 2014)Bowers, Brendle, Burns, Clark, Cochran/Cockerham, Crisp, Davis, Hall, Herron, Marshall, Miller, Morris, Nations, Pilkington, Rogers, Seay, Watkins, Wilkerson

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